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A Long and Winding Post

Is it Tuesday already? Beware this post is long!

Saturday was the most perfect day on the face of the earth. I slept in until almost 9:00 a.m. I got up, picked up a book, and started reading. I ate breakfast while I read. Once I was done with breakfast, I took my book outside, put Maisey on her lead and we both enjoyed the beautiful weather. After a while, I decided to take the old nail polish off my toes and re-paint them. They are a pretty shade of coral/pink now.

After the toe tending, I read some more, made lunch, and then took a shower.

Bob got up around 2:30, just as I decided I would like to take a nap. Bob decided to join me, as he was still sleepy. That led to things other than sleep. However, THAT led to sleep. We both slept about 2 hours. I got up and Bob slept some more. I made dinner. I read some more. I called my grandma and wished her a very happy birthday. I drank some wine. I watched a movie and ended up being sucked in. I went to bed around midnight.

I have to say it was the perfect day. I did not have to be anywhere. I did not have to do anything. I did not have to leave the house at all. I slept in and even napped. It was perfect.

Sunday we were going to drive to Bob's mom's house but he was feeling particularly sore. Therefore, we decided to go to church. Glad we did. It was awesome. We really have a nice church family.

During the sermon, I excused myself to use the restroom. (Since the surgery, if I do not use it when my body tells me to, I will literally lose it.) I came out of the restroom and found my friend Deb in the lobby. We chatted a bit and then, Nicole, a woman we know came out of the nursing mother's room. She had her 1-month-old baby girl, Lauren with her. She asked me if I would hold her for the final song after the sermon. Nicole is on the worship team. She did not have to ask me twice. I took Lauren and went back to my seat near Bob. He was so taken with the little bundle. He put his finger in her little hand and they sat that way until the end of the service. Lauren slept soundly on my shoulder and held tightly to Bob's finger. He kissed her head and said she was cute.

I got to hold Lauren until her folks were ready to go and I was in heaven. I sure wished she were mine. Four or five women are pregnant in our church right now. (One with twins!) There have been about four or five brand new babies born in the past 3 months. It is baby heaven in church. I am feeling left out.

After church, we went home and had leftovers for lunch. Then I got busy, washed the dishes, and cleaned our apartment. Once that was done, I made Bob's favorite dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Sometime while dinner was cooking, Bob noticed Maisey outside. (We had put her on her lead to enjoy the hot, steamy weather she seems to love so much.) He saw something fly by the window and then she raced by as though she was fleeing from something. I went outside to get her and her tail was all poofed up, she was stick stiff and she was trembling. Her heart was beating a mile a minute and Bob said he noticed a man hurrying off to the parking lot. Best we can figure is that he may have thrown a rock or pine cone at her. It does not seem that he hit her since she does not have any bumps, bruises or cuts. Nevertheless, he scared the crap out of her...and us. Stupid man, throwing rocks at my baby kitty! What is the world coming to? She does not hurt anyone when she is out there and she stays in our little yard area. He did it just to be mean to a helpless creature. We are going to be more vigilant about keeping an eye on her when she is out there from now on.

Anyway, after dinner, I polished up my final presentation for class and we went to bed. I felt good about the day. I got a lot done and felt productive after the day of sloth the day before.

Yesterday was busy at work and I spent much of the day putting out small fires. The end of this month means the end of our second quarter and bankers are anxious to get credit for their sales. Problem is if their paperwork is not all in or is not right by the end of the month, they will not see the credit. This gets everyone on the ball and makes a lot of extra work for me. It was all good in the end though.

I got to school just as a thunderstorm rolled in. A flash of lightening lifted me from my seat with its force and suddenness. I managed to make it into the building before the rain fell.

This was the last in my second class of this program. I took my grammar competency final (passed with a 90!), and we had our final presentations. I got a B. I should have practiced more. We were taped while we did our presentations and now we are to review our own tape and email the professor a summary of how we did and what we could do to improve. I hate watching myself on tape. I will not even watch my wedding video any more. Nevertheless, it must be done.

Before class starts, we open with prayer. (I attend a Christian college.) We are asked for prayer requests. I shared that I was struggling with the whole child thing. (I started my period yesterday on top of everything else. I did not share THAT though.) During a break one of my classmates, Heather, came up to me and told me she and her husband are struggling with that too. In fact, they have actually gone through all the testing and are looking at invitro. She was very encouraging to me during our little chat.

After class, I waited for my friend Julie. She had been discouraged with one of her grades and stayed to talk to the prof. I left the classroom to give them some privacy and went to my car to drop off my ginormous bag. As I walked out of the building, I saw a beautiful rainbow to the left and a brilliant orange sky to the right and a spectacular lightning display directly in front of me. Why does it always seem to storm on Monday nights?

Julie came out and shared how hard class had been for her. In fact, she was close to quitting. I told her she could not quit and we talked. I encouraged her. We shared some struggles. She encouraged me. We laughed because the static electricity in the air was making our hair stand on end. We got rained on. As we talked, we would oooh and aaaah over particularly stunning displays of lightning, but neither one of us went inside.

Julie shared how she feels in her spirit that Bob and I will have a baby of our own; it is just a matter of God's timing. She shared her own secret promise of a baby girl despite some huge obstacles. We shared our secret baby names and we each thought how wonderful it would be if these babies of grace and faith could be born together. We prayed for one another and drove off.

I have a friend at school!

I got home, got ready for bed and hopped in with Bob. As we laid there, I yammered on and on about my day and my new friend Julie. We fell asleep after rubbing each otherís backs.

Today I got to work early, but left at about 9:30. I went with Bob to the dentist. His first visit in oh, so long. I introduced him to Pat, the receptionist and to my dentist. I filled out the paperwork. I went back with him while he met the hygienist. I had to leave while they took X-rays. I sat and held his hand as the dentist took stock of Bob's mouth. The news is not so good.

Bob has to have one wisdom tooth and one secondary molar pulled. The molar could actually have a post cap through a root canal, but pulling is cheaper and faster. At the end of July, Bob needs to have a primary molar filled. However, the dentist was not sure how close the decay was to the nerve, so that tooth could end up with a root canal. Then, he has three or four small fillings that will need to be dealt with. Finally, the dentist said he has gum disease and will need all four quadrants of his mouth cleaned, one at a time. Yeesh. Oh! In addition, he will eventually need to have the other three wisdom teeth pulled as well.

Thankfully, Bob likes this dentist. (I knew he would.) He feels comfortable with him and I do not need to accompany him to any more regular dentist visits. He does, however, need me to come with him to the teeth pulling the day after tomorrow. I will have to drive him home since he will be out for the pulling. Poor thing. However, once that is done, his mouth will have some relief from the pain he has had off and on for the last 6 months.

That should about catch you up on us.

5:07 p.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2005


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