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I Want a Pizza Stone and New Cookware and Scrapers.

I got my final grade from my first class. I got an 86% which translated into a B+. Not bad. Also, the grade from my second class was posted on the electronic message board and I got an 88% in that class. Not sure if that class is graded on a curve or not, so I don't know what the grade will translate into as far as a letter grade. Thankfully, I can FINALLY submit my tuition reimbursement.

New, new girl started this week and I think she is going to work out. She is super sweet and very smart and funny. She's a single gal who is the gaurdian for her 3 year old cousin. She's been raising her since she was 4-months old. What a committment! Very nice gal.

Oh, here's something rich. There is a guy at work who is a full on liberal democrat. It's more than how he votes, it's his religion. He was talking the other day about another guy we work with who he thought was more liberal than he is. I laughed because while I knew that this other guy is somewhat liberal, I also know that NOBODY could be more liberal than democrat guy. In the midst of this discussion, democrat guy (DG) ended up saying that because this other guy (I'll call him The Rev because he's studying to be ordained) and I are not liberals and he is, he care more for the environment, education, children, and helping his fellow man. I laughed outright. And who, of the 3 of us drives the SUV? DG! The Rev and I both drive little putt putt cars that get good gas mileage. Anyway, just to let you know, just because I may vote conservatively and believe in fiscal accountability, doesn't mean I HATE the environment or don't want to help people. It's not like I buy the world's largest can of Auqua Net and stand outside spraying it into the air willy nilly hoping to destroy the ozone. I don't diaper my cats and then toss the non-bidegradable mess directly into the landfill. Believe it or not, I actually recycle! DG is pretty funny.

OK, so I am trying not to watch the calendar with too much fervor. I am trying to keep a lid on my expectation of being pregnant. Trying being the operative word. Every possible pregnancy symptom is also an impending period symptom. My boobs are sore and achey? Period symptom. I've been so tired and was in bed by 7pm Wednesday night? Period symptom. Crying at the drop of a hat? Period symptom. Edgy and irratable? Period symptom. When is the period due? Sunday. Although this morning I felt like I had to puke for about 10 minutes. But that could be the chocolate chip cookie I had the misfortune of eating, thinking it would taste good. Blech. So...I'm trying, but not really succeeding.

I think I have an idea to make some supplemental money. My husband Bob writes poetry. It's not poet laurate's more like poetry for the common man. But we have a fancy color printer and we got some photo paper with it. Maybe if I print greeting cards using his poetry and my photographs, we can make something someone would want to buy. The church we attend has already agreed to sell his poems in their bookstore and last Christmas, he made more money selling his poems than I made selling my dishclothes. So, who knows? Can't hurt to try. I will get some card stock and vellum on my way home from work tonight and play around this weekend.

I went to a Pampered Chef party on Tuesday night. Wish I had a lot more money to spend on their stuff as I love it. As it was I spent over $30 on a cheese knife and 4 ramikins/prep bowl. But it was fun and I have a goal to get their pizza stone, cookware, a couple scrapers, and so much more.

The invites to my parent's 40th anniversary open house have gone out. It's less than a month away! Yikes!

6:48 a.m. - Friday, Jul. 22, 2005


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