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Thank God It's Finally Friday!

Tuesday night our apartment managers held a block party of sorts for National Night Out. It was a hot and sticky night, but as always, lots of fun. Not as many people came out as last year, which is disappointing. We always enjoy meeting our neighbors and even more so, enjoy meeting the people from the East building. We met several people who live in our building but we have never seen before. We ate our fill of hot dogs and beans, chips and cake and had a grand old time. I took some pictures, of course and the kids had a great time on the inflatable water slide. The police showed up but we left before the firefighters arrived. We won a gift certificate to Timber Lodge, a T-shirt, and a $50 gas card. It pays to enter every little drawing you come across. We also found out that dogs are NOT allowed in our building even though we have seen an explosion of them these past few months. There are at least 4 living in our building right now and one family was evicted for having a dog. So, good to know. We were not bothered by the proliferation of pugs and poodles; we just wanted to know in case we got a bug up our butts to add to our animal family. However, I am glad I asked since the canines are still not allowed to live with us. Our apartment manager even solicited Bob to spy on our neighbors in order to find out the where, the who, and the what now. Not sure what his motivation is in spying, but maybe we will get another Timber Lodge gift card thrown our way.

Did I happen to tell you guys that I am not pregnant? I am not, by the way. Nevertheless, we are still trying.

Wednesday night I watched Brat Camp and then went to bed. Lately I have just been so tired. Monday night kicks my butt since I do not usually get home from school until after 10:30 and am often not able to get to sleep until just before midnight. I am a walking zombie on Tuesday and try to get to bed early that night, but failed miserably this week. Wednesday night I woke up around 2 am to go to the bathroom and never did get fully back to sleep after that. I spent the rest of the night tossing and turning and waking up every half to every hour and spent the remaining time until my alarm went off in restless fitful sleep. Bah!

Yesterday I was a walking zombie and despite falling into bed at eight, I was not able to get to sleep until well after nine…almost 10. I did, however, sleep relatively well but groaned all the same when my alarm went off this morning. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday, so having to get up and go to work today was like a kick in the teeth.

Things at work have been crazy. We rolled out a new annuity product and the company we have been working with has been less than impressive. The product has been “out” now for 2 weeks and we are just now getting a shipment of the extra forms required by several states to sell this annuity. Can you say insurance commission compliance rules? Sheesh! We have been less than impressed with this company. Whenever we have a question, they say they do not know the answer but will find out. Then it takes them three or more days to get back to us and when they do, they have more than one answer. Not only that, but the other company we sell annuities for lowered their rates 2 weeks ago and we just found out they are raising them again on Monday. So we had to send a Flash Fax to all our banks on that and we have an emergency mailing on the new product’s forms to get out today. This, on top of our regular workload. Fun!

Did I tell you that my husband discovered eBay? Oh yes he did! He collects coins and is excited by the treasure trove of coins he has found on eBay. The cool thing is that he has enough of his own stock to consider selling and he is going to set up an account and see how he does. If he does well, he could make a little money buying low and selling high as they say. He has already found quite a few deals and is excited to see if they look as good in person. He also has some antique fishing lures he wants to sell and is researching what is out there. He is so cute but I fear I am becoming an eBay widow. Hey, it’s better than the online poker he had previously been spending his free time on. At least this way, there is the possibility of earned income.

Do you regular readers remember that about this time last year I was hospitalized with kidney failure and a stricture? The same day I was hospitalized, my brother’s wife’s brother’s wife (get that? The woman who is married to my brother has a brother who was married as well) was hit by a man in a pick-up truck and killed while she was out for a jog. Did I write about this? Well, my brother wrote that the hearing was yesterday. Here, in his words, are the results of that hearing: “I was not at the hearing, but I received an update from my wife, who was. After her brother presented a video montage of his life together with his wife- wedding, births, birthdays, etc, he was able, along with her parents to address the court. All he asked was that "justice be served". The DA made his recommendation. The defendant’s attorney gave his pitch and then the defendant was able to respond. He was remorseful and said he would take it all back if he could. Then the judge took over. He stated he did not think that the defendant was a threat to society or that any jail/prison time was "necessary" in this case - but that he had received 19 letters regarding this case and he said that he poured over them while on a recent vacation. He said that the pleas for justice had really affected his life and though he did not think any sentence was "necessary" he nonetheless imposed an 8-year prison sentence! The maximum for this type of crime is 10 years in prison. I talked to my brother in law and he seemed okay. He stated that there were no winners, and that it was bittersweet. He is just glad to have this chapter behind him. Something we had not known before this was that the defendant had been found to have six Oxycodone in his system at the time of the accident. Please remember my brother in law and his two young sons in your prayers.”

Please go to yesterday’s entry to either enter a “wish” on Bob’s behalf on the new Fall NBC show Three Wishes or to pledge to Mobility For Independence on his behalf. Send all your friends there as well.

1:56 p.m. - Friday, Aug. 05, 2005


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