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Moving Up?

New Pet Peeve: People, when you are waiting for an elevator and it stops on your floor, please assume that someone is getting off before you start charging into the elevator car. I cannot tell you how many people I have almost run over as I exit the elevator and they are charging in. Then they give me the stink eye as though I am some sort of social pariah for needing to exit the elevator at that particular floor. Social entitlement has been taken to a completely new level! Waiting the 2.5 seconds it takes for me to exit is not going to affect your day one-way or the other. However, if I run into you and spill my expensive fancy coffee all over you AND me, that might have some affect on both our days. You think?

Next Pet Peeve: My co-worker who has been complaining because no one stops by to talk to her any more is still complaining. She just found out that another co-worker had been in a car accident in June and wonders she did not hear anything of that before today. She told the co-worker with the dented car that she should come down and talk to her so she did not feel left out. I wanted to stand up in my cube and tell her that the aisle runs both ways and I have not seen her stop by any of our cubes to chat lately. Many of us do not know what is going on with her lately either and it’s not because we are not stopping to chat. Information flows two ways…check into it.

Bob has discovered eBay and is both buying and selling. If you are into that kind of thing, his selling name is Robert_Coiner and currently he is selling antique fishing lures and some old children’s books. He is interested in buying gold and silver coins, the older the better.

We may be moving in October. An apartment 2 doors down from us is open on October 1 and we were notified by our property management and asked if we were interested in it. Why yes, yes we are! It has almost 400 more square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 balconies 1 of which faces west so we would actually get some natural sunlight into our living space! I can grow potted flowers, tomatoes, and herbs! We would still be a first floor apartment, but both balconies are enclosed and suspended due to the cut of the hill the building is on, so we would have more security and since it is an end unit, more privacy too. It is only $100 a month more for rent and we feel we can swing this. If it goes through, we would only have to move two doors down and still get to keep our storage space and garage space. Cool! I will keep you updated on the details as they become available. I told Bob that I would not mind staying where we are for a long time if only we could have a 2-bedroom apartment. We love our neighborhood, the location, the people, and our town. We cannot afford to buy in this area of town, but now that we may have found a good 2-bedroom, we may be able to stay here longer.

I talked to our apartment manager and we have a showing on Saturday at two. I did find out that we would not be transferring leases. We would be considered a move out/move in and we have to pay a new security deposit and fill out new/updated paperwork. Then, we would get our original deposit forwarded back to us after everything checks out. That is kind of a pain.

I have recently discovered the heaven that is Jimmy John’s sandwiches. Check them out at (be warned…there is sound.) Since the surgery, I am not a big sandwich fan because bread ends up being a culinary waste of time and space. Nevertheless, the JJ sandwiches have the best bread and yummiest ingredients AND the world’s best pickles as a side. Mmmmmmm.

Someone asked me in my comments how I’m doing since the surgery. I guess because I am doing so well, I do not mention it as much, but I am doing very well. Recently, a local radio host asked her audience what is the most pain anyone has gone through in the name of beauty and I wrote in about my surgery. I wrote and said that even though I had miserable complications 3 months out, I would do it all over again because I feel so good now. I still have about 50-80 lbs to lose, but even if I never lose that weight, it’s been worth it. She wrote back and asked if being so morbidly obese was not more painful than the surgery, recovery, and complications. I wrote back that yes, the inner pain involved in being overweight was WAY more horrible. I could not fit into a regular size theater seat or a restaurant booth or an airplane seat. I could barely get my car seatbelt around me. I could not walk a block without having to sit and grocery shopping was murder on my back. I lost myself in all that weight and was surprised at that once it started coming off. I am more active, more confident, and more “me” than I ever was when I was so heavy. A side effect of all of that is that I am now still a tad more reserved and hermit-ish than I was before, but am slowly coming out of that shell as time goes on.

I am not doing everything 100% and have fallen back into some bad habits, but I am maintaining pretty well and am good about getting in all my protein, taking my vitamins every day, drinking my 64+ oz of water, and getting rest. So, overall, I would say this has been a success and I’m feeling and doing very well. Thanks for asking!

Just a week to go before the big celebration weekend. Bob and I will leave for my parent’s house a week from today after work. Friday will be a day of picking up stuff we need for the party, Saturday is the set-up, party, tear-down, and clean-up, then Sunday is the big Mobility For Independence Fundraiser in Redwing. Monday I am off from work and it is a school break too! So yay! Monday will be my day of rest. Everything is coming together nicely for the party. We have the space, the food, the people to help, the RSVPs, the announcements, and the cake. We are good to go. I hope it is a nice day and that my parents feel loved and honored. 40 years is a long time to be with the same person and they keep on making it work. Good for them!

11:32 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 11, 2005


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