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We Saw the Apartment!

Have you ever heard of Craig's List? I had heard of it, but hadn't ever looked into it until this week. Bob and I are looking for some inexpensive furniture and I thought Craig's List would be a good place to start. I did find some nice stuff, but the prices are still kind of "out there". I DID, however, manage to find a black leather executive's computer chair for $20! It's a nice chair. The man I bought it from lives in the apartments I used to live in with my friend Deb before I got married. He was a nice East Indian man who is moving to Texas at the end of the month. We finally got rid of our orange 70's office chair!

After I picked up the chair, I drove to my friend Deb's townhouse where we talked, laughed, and I got a haircut and a brow wax. Deb used to be a stylist and still lets me come over and partake in her amazing skills. She trimmed and shaped my hair AND my brows. All it cost me was a trip to Caribou for a decalf Mocha. We had a nice time catching up and laughing.

Deb's daughter, Megan, is 13 and looks very little like the tiny girl I used to babysit when we lived together before I was married. She is this tall, lythe, graceful young woman and every bit the teenager. If I haven't seen her every Sunday since I moved out, I would not recognize her at all right now.

After that, I turned the car for home so Bob and I could look at the apartment. I have to say that we really liked the apartment. The kitchen has a large pantry and is set up in such a way that our baker's rack will actually go in the kitchen. (right now it sits in our living room/eating area and houses out stereo.) The eating area is separate from the kitchen and living room area. The livivng room/dining area forms an "L" whereas where we live now is just a long "I". There is a balcony off the living room and another off the master bedroom. The master bathroom also has a bathroom. There is a second bedroom and a second bathroom off the main living area. We really liked it. We gave our answer to the weekend property manager and said we will take it. We have to contact the regular property manager on Monday and, I'm sure, write a check for the deposit and fill out new application paperwork. If all of that goes smoothly, we will be moving October 1st. I want to talk to the manager though and see if they will paint the place before we move. That might give us some time to deep clean this place and patch some walls here that have been battered because of Bob's chair. There are also some holes to fill. We paid an almost $800 deposit when we moved in and we want as much of that back as possible. Oh! I can't wait! New place, maybe some new furniture, and the feeling of a new start! Wheeee!

Tomorrow is church and then I have to meet 2 of my classmates so we can go over our group presentation project that is due on Monday. Yikes!

The weekend goes by too fast. Thankfully, next week I am only working Monday-Thursday and Tuesday-Friday the week following. The next four days at work will probably be crazy though as 2 people are on vacation and one of our people had their last day on yesterday. Nothing like being understaffed. Oh well, we will survive.

By this time next week, the 40th anniversary party will be over and done with and we will be preparing for Bob's big night at the Mobility For Independence fundraiser!

7:40 p.m. - Saturday, Aug. 13, 2005


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