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For Not Knowing What to Write, I Sure Said A Lot

I do not know what to write today. Maybe I should just do stream of conscience writing. I had my last Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Relationships class on Monday. I am bummed because though it was a 6-week course, it flew by and I really enjoyed it and the man that taught it. For our final class, we had to do a group presentation on a communication theorist. I was in a group with two of the women I have grown closer to over the past few weeks. They are amazing women and I love every minute I spend with them. It is weird how much I am used to doing the majority of the work on any one thing at any time. I like it that way. I feel that I have more control and know more about what is going on. With this group project, I did not feel that way. I felt like I had little at all to do with the bulk of the work. Even though we assigned tasks and parts and I held up my end of the project and did my tasks just fine, I still felt like I cheated the group. When we discussed it later, they were quick to point out the work I put in and how it helped them do what they needed to do. Funny our perceptions of things. When we met on Sunday to go over our work and practice our order and content, one of the gals had her 7-year old son with her. MAN is he a cutie! Very precocious and a great sense of humor. He told me all about his bank account and how, if he saves $100 over a period of time the bank will give him a $50 savings bond. He was looking over the Menards circular for when he might like to buy with that extra $50. You read correctly, not a toy catalog…a MENARDS circular. He was extremely interested in the air compressors. That is what we need, isn’t it? 7-year olds with air compressors? Hee. I have a final paper due on the 29th for that class and then it’s officially time for grades and tuition reimbursement. My next class starts on the 29th and is a journalism course! Rock on! I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one. We get to write articles and obituaries and attend a pretend press conference and write up a story under deadline. My heart beats with excitement just thinking about it.

My office raised $400 for MDA this month! Every month they sell Jeans for a Day stickers and the proceeds go towards a different non-profit charity. You can buy 4 stickers for $10 and you wear the sticker when you wear jeans. (Except for Friday, which are free jeans days.) We also raised money with a lunchtime potluck yesterday. Everyone brings food and those that do not, pay $5.00. So, not bad for a months worth of jeans stickers and one potluck. Bob is going to take the money with him to the MDA lock-up event he is helping with next week.

Someone left a comment in my comments section about and had I heard of them? No, but I am a member now and will be getting a free computer desk and filing cabinet. Whoot! Thanks for the tip. I also got a leather executive computer chair for $20 from It is super nice and much more comfortable than the chair we had before. Even Bob, the sometimes-hardest man in the world to please likes it. Maybe he is not hard to please, as he is skeptical about stuff. He was not sure about the Craigslist/Freecycle thing at all and only grudgingly let me buy the chair. Now he is a believer! I am keeping my eyes open for a sofa, a kitchen table/chair set, and a full-queen mattress and box spring set for the second bedroom. It is all there, but we do not want the big stuff until we move, as we do not have a place for it all right now. The problem with Craigslist is that people tend to price things somewhat high. In fact, I found a bunch of furniture cheaper on JC Penney’s website than comparable things have been offered on CL. So maybe when we get our tuition reimbursement check or our deposit refunded, we can pick up a few nice things for our new place.

I am so excited about our new apartment. I have been looking up websites that will help me start a container garden. Our bedroom balcony faces directly west and our living room balcony faces North but as it is on the end, part of it will get some afternoon sun as well. I want to have flower boxes for some tulips, irises, and maybe some morning glories that can grow around our railing. Then, I would like to plant container vegetables such as tomatoes, red peppers, maybe even some viney ones like beans, cucumbers and peas! I also have stuff for a nice little herb garden! If I can plant onions in containers, I can grow all the things I would need for homemade salsa! If it goes well, I would like to learn to can things too so we can have the fresh veggie taste all year long. At least I can make everything into a yummy salsa that I can put up for the rest of the year. If any of your have hints, experience, ideas, let me know. I am so excited about this! Help me out if you can! Also, if you live nearby and have an overabundance of fresh veggies to get rid of? Send some my way. (Or maybe some yummy banana bread pancakes?)

I love our cats. I know I’ve said this before, but they make me laugh every day. Yesterday, Daisy was trying to get into a paper grocery bag that was on the floor. The opening was mashed down and she was not able to get it open so she could crawl in. She came over to me, gave a pitiful meow and walked back to the bag. I opened it up for her and she walked in and curled up for a little nap. Also, both cats now fight over the new computer chair. They were both a little hesitant about it at first, but now one or the other can be found curled up on it when Bob is not using it.

Do you ever talk to yourself? I mean out loud? I do. And I do it in plural. So while in the grocery store, I am not saying, “Where are the pickles? I need pickles and thought they would be here in the condiment aisle.” No, instead I am saying ALOUD “We need pickles. Where would we find the pickles? Maybe we can make due without pickles this week.” What is that all about? WE? And I have always done this, at least as long as I can remember. Maybe it comes from hearing my mom talk to me as a kid and just transposing the we to me? No idea. But I do get some funny looks at the grocery store. Not only am I talking to NO ONE, I am referring to we/us.

I got an email today from one of my WI friends. She now lives in Kansas City with her husband and son and granted she is not the best of corresponders, but I hear from her from time to time. AND I did get some photos of her son emailed to me about a month and a half ago. Today’s email was announcing the birth of her daughter. Did not know she was pregnant! Surprise!

We leave tomorrow after work for Wisconsin. This will be one busy weekend. Friday Mom and I will be out and about buying all the things we need for the party; cake, table clothes, paper goods, etc. Bob, the lucky duck, gets to sleep in. Saturday I need to get up and get out early in order to get to the farmers market in hopes of procuring white gladiolas for the party. I also have to make a stop at a shop in town to get something I ordered this week. Then, I have to head over to the church for set up, then home to change, then back to the church by the start at 2. Then it is time to party and celebrate my parents’ 40 years of marriage. Whoot! After plenty of fellowship, it’s time to tear down and clean up. Sunday is church and then Bob and I truck to Red Wing for the Mobility for Independence’s fundraiser. The rumor is they have procured a room for us for Sunday night at the casino! If this is the case, then woo hoo! I have Monday off and could use a leisurely morning after all that.

So far, we have two people contributing to Bob’s fund with Mobility for Independence. Thank you so much! I hope his speech goes a long way to illustrate his need and prompt people to give to a very worthy cause.

It seems I found stuff to write about after all! I do not know when I will next have time to write, so read slowly and enjoy.

4:18 p.m. - Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005


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