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The Telethon

The Telethon was so much fun! We got to the Mall of America around 6:30, which was about 45 minutes too early so we had time to meander around a bit.

One thing I have to say...If you are able bodied and can take the escalator, please take it! Leave the elevator for those that really need to use it, like people with strollers and people in wheelchairs. And if you should happen to take the elevator, able bodied though you are, please give the people in wheelchairs preference in getting in and out so they don't have to almost roll over your toes as they enter and exit. Thank you.

We got to where we were supposed to be and were given about a half an hour of training for answering phones. Bob, my work-friend Rasha and I were answering phones with about 35 Veterans from area VFW posts. The way the phones were set up, Rasha and I were on one end of the table and Bob at the other. That was OK. Rasha and I got to talk and visit and giggle like old friends. It was awesome and we learned more about one another than we would have outside of work.

We were sitting next to a woman, though, who wasn't a veteran, but was quite a peice of work. She came dressed in an evening gown and looked more ready to receive a tiara than answer phones. She actually told our trainer that if anyone called and wanted to know if she was single and willing to date, she would if they pledged enough cash. Our trainer, Otis, looked at her as though her body had just sprouted a second head and said that was beyond his job description and she should just answer the phone when it rang. Hee.

We were there for about 3 hours, on camera a handfull of times, took about a half dozen calls and had a blast. The best part was when Bob presented MC Cindy with a check for $38,000 from the Lock-up fundraiser he had volunteered with. I stood there with him, looking like the biggest dork in America. He presented the check and read a poem he wrote especially for the occation. He was great! Of course we taped it. If I can figure out how to do it, I will post a link to it, but until then, you will have to stay tuned for photos.

We got home around twelve thirty and were able to watch ourselves answering phones on TV due to the magic of taping. Soon after arriving at home, I tripped over my cat Daisy and either broke or sprained my toe. It hurt so badly I had to go to bed soon after arriving home and it still hurts today though it's not black and blue and maybe it is just a sprain.

Anyway, we are going to head back to the MOA later this afternoon to watch the end of the telethon in person. SO much fun.

Oh! And upon waking this morning, I turned the telethon on only to see Bob's sister on TV in a segment they taped at the Stride and Ride from June. That was awesome! I live amongst a family of TV superstahs!

There is still time, have you pledged to MDA yet today?

10:27 a.m. - Monday, Sept. 05, 2005


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