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So, once again it is that time of the month which means, once again, that I am NOT pregnant. Why is this so hard? Woman do this every day. Any woman can get pregnant. In fact, in the last 6 months at church, at least a dozen women have given birth, 3 in the last 3 weeks. Several more are due in the next month. What is the deal? The other day I got on the elevator at work with 3 pregnant women who were discussing their respective pregnancies and the fact that they all worked together and were due within weeks of each other. Whatever is in the water is NOT affecting me. How hard is it for a sperm to enter an egg and for that egg to implant? Why can I not do this? What is wrong with me? My cycle is regular, I am ovulating, we are Ö um Ö doing what needs to be done at the optimum times. What more can be done? I just feel like such a huge failure. For godís sake, Brittney Spears just had a baby! How hard is this to do and do right? And why is it so hard for people who really really want to do it? Any young teenage girl can get knocked up, but it seems like when a man and woman really want to be parents and set about to make a baby, it is harder than getting a man to Mars. Argggggg!

I donít have much else to add today. It was a quite weekend spent crocheting, cleaning, doing laundry, and hanging out with friends. I didnít pack much this weekend because I still have one more weekend before the big pack-a-rama begins. I watched the atrocity that was the Vikings game and I did homework. This week I had to write my own obituary. Not an easy assignment, but I think I did OK. I ended up a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist, so you know, I didnít do too badly. Heh. Oh, and I watched part of the Emmys. What was the deal with Jennifer Love Hewitt? I canít stand her, for some reason. It didnít help that she mispronounced Charlieze Theronís name. And itís not like Charlieze isnít EVERYWHERE. Sheís not an unknown. What a dip. I did love Kristin Bellís ďFameĒ. That girl and sing AND dance and if you havenít caught her show, Veronica Mars, you are missing some good appointment TV.

To recap: Still not pregnant. Moving in 12 days. The Vikings suck right now. Jennifer Love Hewitt, still hating. Veronica Mars, watch it. Phil from the Amazing Race, still hot.

11:43 a.m. - Monday, Sept. 19, 2005


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