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Happy Birthday SuAnn and Happy Anniversary “D” and Edward!

I found out his week that I have “A” positive blood type. So at least I have an A+ in something. My blood type excels! Go my blood!

We had strong storms here Wednesday night. After I logged off from the journal here to watch the storm, the tornado sirens went off. So we boxed up the kitties, grabbed our cell, my purse, Bob’s wallet and checkbook, a bottle of water each and took off for the basement. This in our case happens to be the garage of our building. We put the kitty’s’ pet carriers in the back of our pick-up and watched the storm from the open garage door. It was a gully washer, but it seemed as though most of it hit north of here. At first, the authorities were reluctant to declare a tornado touch down. However, judging by the damage to homes in the North Metro and comparing them to the homes damaged by the tornado in my hometown, I would say that “yes” a tornado did indeed touch down. In fact, the authorities finally concluded that two F2 tornados touched down in the North Metro. I have to admit that I was adamant about getting the cats and going to the basement, more so than I have ever been in the past. The images of the destroyed homes in Wisconsin kept coming to my mind and I made Bob put on shoes, grab his wallet and checkbook and join me downstairs. I know we live in a brick apartment building and the likelihood of a tornado taking us out is minimal at best. But after seeing what I saw in August, I am loathe to have a laissez-faire attitude about the will and the way of nature and its power. It can take my home and my stuff but I will not give up my husband, cats or life without a fight and a plan.

This weekend is all about finishing my news story for my journalism class and packing the rest of our stuff up. I have two more interviews to do tomorrow for the article and then can write that bad boy up. Tonight I am all about starting the packing process in our bedroom, finishing the packing in our bathroom and making sure all other loose, sundry, and not needed daily stuff is packed up and ready to move next weekend. I am also waiting for a school reimbursement so we can pay off some bills and get a couple of things we need for the new place. I just cannot wait until next weekend! What I CAN wait for is the cleaning of the old apartment. Bah. Hate the cleaning of the old apartment. I will try to pull the fridge out and clean behind it, but if it proves too difficult…forget it. I would like to get some paint and paint a couple of things before the move, but if we do not get the check before then, I do not think it will happen.

I am trying to decide on “themes” for our rooms. Do you do that? Have themes for the various rooms in your home? Right now, I have an idea that I would like our kitchen to be themed in sunflowers. I have several prints I can hang that will coordinate the colors of green, light blue, dark blue and yellow. (I wish we had a theme among our appliances…our fridge, stove and dishwashers are “almond” and our toaster is while, our mixer is black, our coffeemaker is yet to be purchased, and our crock-pot is white with a vegetable theme. Oh well…the rest of the room will look GREAT!) We will have two bathrooms to coordinate. I am thinking “shells” or “the sea” for our main bathroom since we have several items that fit that theme from our trip to Florida. I’m not sure about the other bathroom yet. I am playing around with a black, white, and light blue bathroom and housing my small Holstein collection in there. I was looking for a cute cow shower curtain or a nice black and white curtain, but I may go with a light blue gingham check if I can find that. Several of my cows have light blue accents, so that might set it off nicely. I do not want a modern looking bathroom, but instead am looking for a homey, cottage-y type room. I have NO idea what to do with our bedroom, office/2nd bedroom, and living room. We have the “new” couch and loveseat but they will be recovered and I cannot really get curtains or anything until I know what kind of fabric the seating will be recovered in. So, that’s the plan as it stands so far. I want our new place to be comfortable, homey and a place where visitors will feel welcome.

2:56 p.m. - Friday, Sept. 23, 2005


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