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This Cannot Only Be Wednesday...Can It?

Is it only Wednesday? Let us recap, shall we?

The move went well. I got off work early Friday and was able to get the rest of our stuff packed up and ready to go. I was awake at the crack of dawn on Saturday, which was a bummer because I could have slept in. However, my mind and body clock refused to let me relax and snooze any longer. So I got up and began readying things for the move. And by readying, I mean I kept walking over to the new apartment's sliding glass door and looking inside to see if the cleaning crew was still there or if they had finished early so we could get started.

At eleven, I woke Bob up. At 11:30 we got the keys...a whole hour earlier than first promised. Our helpers began showing up at noon and we were all moved in by one. It went smoothly and quickly. Bob's brother and sister-in-law stayed behind to help us unpack a bit and that was nice since it has been a couple of years, at least, since we have seen them. I ran to Target with my sister-in-law, we were able to chat a bit, and that was nice too.

Once the old apartment was emptied and everything put into the new place, I went to the old place to get the cats. (We placed them in the bathroom while the move was taking place.) As I carried Maisey to the new place, she anxiously sniffed and looked around the hallway. Once placed in the new apartment, she cautiously eyed the food dishes and litter boxes before running under the couch to hide. When I got Daisy and carried her to the new place, she tried to climb over my back and run back to the old place. As soon as she was placed in the new place, she ran and hid without looking around or sniffing anything.

As soon as the sun hit our side of the building, I got Maisey and set her in the sun patch. She promptly sat down and began to groom herself. She is far braver than Daisy. She explored each room, rubbed, and sniffed everything. Daisy hid until almost all the boxes were unpacked and things put away.

I got our bedroom unpacked and arranged and most of the kitchen done before having to fall into bed. I had trouble falling asleep at first because my feet, ankles and legs ached so much.

Sunday I woke up in time to get ready for church. Bob was not feeling well so he stayed home. I knew some roads and exits were closed due to construction, but did not know which ones, so I took my best guess and ended up burned. The week before I-494 South had been closed so I took 169 South but my 62-west exit was closed! Arg! I stopped at Caribou for my aggravation and was rewarded with the world's busiest Sunday morning Caribou. It was staffed by newbies who were taking forever to get the drinks ready. It did not help that everyone in line seemed to be ordering vanilla lattes in various forms; fat free, sugar free, half-calf, decalf, etc. When my order was finally ready, this witch in black spandex grabbed it before he had even set it down. However, once he announced it was decalf, she let go as though it was holy water and she the spawn of Satan. Which could be true.

Church was OK. I was not in a very holy place myself, but I made it through. After church, I picked up lunch and made it back home later than expected due to missing my exit because of some extreme daydreaming. Once lunch was consumed, the unpacking extravaganza began. The hardest thing being arranging the living room. We now have an L-shaped living/dining area, which would have been easy to arrange except for making sure to leave enough room for Bobís chair to navigate, AND for the fact, the cable outlet was placed on a completely random wall. I think we have found a suitable arrangement forthcoming.

I managed to unpack and arrange the rest of the living room, kitchen, and dining room before going to clean the other apartment. I pretty much only had to clean the kitchen (stove, fridge, and floors) and bathroom. Once that was done, I arranged and unpacked the second bedroom, which we are using as an office right now. I was in bed by 10:30 but again had trouble falling asleep due to the feet, leg, and ankle pain. I actually got up and took some aspirin in order to try to get to sleep.

Monday morning came much too early. Since it is a school day, I have to be to work by seven in order to leave by 3:30.

I stopped by my neighborhood Caribou and was frustrated that they were training YET another new person who did not know about the .10 mug discount. Oh well. Work was stressful as there is a lot going on. It is too boring to go into here.

I got to school and got my Community Interest paper back with professor comments. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite favorable with my story. He said it was one of the best he had read and gave me some ideas to add to the meat of the story. I do not know why I always doubt my writing, but I do. I critize and analyze every word, punctuation, and grammatical set-up to death. Yet, I usually end up with favorable responses. You would think I would have relaxed by now.

We got out of class early, thank God because I was exhausted. I fell into bed as soon as I got home.

Tuesday/yesterday was another crazy day at work, but another early day because I had a dentist appointment. Thankfully, I left my dentist cavity free and got the go ahead to come back in 9 months verses 6 because of my superior dental health. Go me! I also got to meet seven of my dentists 8 children and his lovely wife. What a treat! His children were quite lovely and well behaved and his wife very sweet and amiable.

I got home early from my dentist appointment so Bob and I went to sign the lease for the new place. We are official! That plus the fact that our rent check was cashed this morning. Later on, I made our first real meal in the new kitchen and we ate in an actual eating area/dining room. That was nice. The rest of the evening, I alternated between resting/watching TV and spasmodically hanging things and emptying boxes. I would see a wall hanging and then see the perfect spot for it and would hang it. Then sit on the couch for 20 minutes watching America's Next Top Model. Then I would empty a box of books into the bookshelf. Then watch The Amazing Race. It went like that until bedtime at 10.

I have to say both Bob and I love the new apartment. It is taking some getting used to as it is an end unit and the noises are different. But for the most part, it has been awesome having more space and two balconies.

This morning I awoke to slamming thunder and more rain. (We got so much last night, nearby areas are flooding.) Poor Daisy must think we moved to a loud and noisy new place. Ever since we moved and brought her in, she has had to deal with garbage men, the lawn care guys, recycling truck and 2 days of loud thunder. She has felt better about coming out once I got the boxes unpacked, but the loud noises freak her out and she hides.

This week at work is the week of caring for the United Way. There are games, raffles, a silent auction, food sales and the like. So far, I have won a bunch of crappy trinket things, a couple of Godfathers gift certificates, and a nice insulated picnic bag with cheese tray, knife, and wine goblets. I hope to win something from the auction and raffle as well, but we will see.

Oh! On the tuition reimbursement front. Usually I am reimbursed about 3 to 5 business days after my submission. Monday was the 10th business day. I called HR once again (probably my 5th call in 5 days.) and they said, once again, that T/R made note in the computer that they received my claim but they have not noted that they needed anything more. I told the rep that I knew all of this but was not there something more I could do since this seemed highly unusual. They said they would get a hold of someone in T/R and have them call me back. Someone in T/R called me back and said she found my claim on a co-worker's desk and it looks like they were waiting for further documentation. Imagine my frustration! I told her it had been 3 weeks and NO ONE from T/R had notified me that they needed further information. She said the person working on my claim was on vacation and that is what had been holding the whole thing up. Arg! I asked her for her fax number to fax my information to her. Guess what? They do not have a fax! So I interoffice mailed the document to her, she received it today, processed it and I should FINALLY receive my reimbursement in 3 to 5 business days. I will believe it when I see it. If we get it, I will have to get a new winter coat as the 80-degree temperatures from the weekend have given way to much colder temperatures and we could possibly see flurries overnight and into tomorrow. My winter coat from last year is MUCH too big for me after all the weight I lost.

So, I think that catches everyone up. Happy Hump day.

4:24 p.m. - Wednesday, Oct. 05, 2005


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