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Stolen Things and Found Things

Well this weekend was eventful to say the least.

Friday night was uneventful though. I left work about 20 minutes early, came home and just vegged. Bob was at an all day seminar so I had the apartment to myself for a couple of hours.

Saturday Bob was at the same seminar for the day so I planned on hanging our pictures and wall hangings, moving my desk from storage to our office, and maybe doing some shopping.

First thing I did was walk down to our storage area to get my desk. When I got to the storage area I noticed that all the locks and the hinges were on the floor and there were gigantic screws barring all the storage doors from being opened. I could not get into our locker. I picked up our lock from the floor and went back to our apartment. I called the office and left a message asking them what the heck had happened and when we could get into the locker.

Then I went shopping. Our tuition reimbursement check came and Bob said I could use some of the money to get a new winter coat and a new purse since mine broke. I took off for Wally World and found everything I needed. I found a new winter coat for under $50. A purse for under $20. I also found a few things for our new place. I wanted to get some fall/harvest type decorations, and I did! I also used our $10 Menards gift card since there was a Menards right next door. I found a harvest door hanging, some batteries for our flashlights, and some nails, screws and anchors for hanging things on the walls. Whee!

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store for a couple of things and picked up a couple of pumpkins as well. I looked at some fall mums as well, but thought $13 was a little pricey.

Once home, I decided to stop by the apartment office to see if they had received my message and to find out what the deal was on the storage lockers. When I got there, the weekend apartment manager and our favorite maintenance man were chatting it up. I found out why our storage locker was screwed shut. Someone had decided to break into ALL the storage lockers in the building so the maintenance team screwed them shut to spare any other scavangering. They are going to stop by on Monday to open it up and go through it with Bob to see what, if anything, was taken. Most of what we kept in there was Christmas and camping stuff. Although we did have a microwave, a camp stove, fishing gear and the like. It will be interesting to see what's gone. I can deal with the stolen stuff, but if they wrecked what they left, that will be hard to deal with.

After THAT, I got home and commenced with the hanging. Once Bob got home, we went to Noodles for dinner and then grocery shopping at Aldi's. All I have to say is thank God for Aldi's. We saved so much by shopping there. Now our apartment looks AND feels like home. Pictures on the walls and food in the larder. Nothing beats it.

Today we went to church and that was nice, as always. After church we stopped by Walgreens to get my vitamins. When we were checking out, there was a little girl in line ahead of us buying milk. She also had a large box of Mike N Ikes. Unfortunately, she did not have enough for both. So Bob and I told the cashier to give her money back and put her purchases on our tab. He did, she said thanks and we took off. Only to realize that we paid about $12 less than we should have. So back we went and I found a manager and told him what happened. They undercharged me for one of my vitamins. It should have cost $14.99 and instead, they rang it up as $1.99. The manager took my vitamins, scanned them in and said, "Well, I can't find the real price. The druggist wrote the right price on the box but they ring up as the lesser price we originally gave you. Since I can't find the right price and you were honest, I will just leave it and give them to you as we originally rang them up for you." Whoot! Who says no good deed goes unpunished?

The rest of the day was filled with naps, homework and hanging out.

7:48 p.m. - Sunday, Oct. 09, 2005


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