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Summing Up

A good weekend was had by all, if by all you mean Bob and me. Friday night was kick back, which is exactly what I needed. I picked up the new Sicilian pan pizza from Papa Murphy’s and let me tell you, that is some pizza heaven! The rest of the night was spent enjoying Three Wishes and Numb3rs.

Saturday was not my day to sleep in. We got up early to attend the MDA Awareness conference. Bob was helping at the registration desk and I was going along for support. We always enjoy the MDA events. Their staff is the best in the business and can always be counted on for a warm welcome and some laughs. While Bob checked everyone in, I schmoozed with the vendors. I met with a woman from a canine companion association and signed Bob up to receive an application. They only charge a $20 application fee and the rest of the costs to get a helper dog are free to the applicant. I also talked to a couple of accessible van people. They always bring the brand new glossy brochures, which is nice, but not something we can afford right now. Still, we have almost a grand collected through Mobility For Independence, so that’s coming along. I also met with a builder/contractor who specializes in building accessible/no boundary homes. They have a model home in Blaine that I would love to see. Their homes feature complete accessibility. Their cupboards and sinks move up and down on hydraulics so people in wheelchairs can reach. Their oven doors open to the side. Their microwaves are at knee level to someone sitting in a wheelchair. They have elevators in their 2-stories. They feature voice-activated electronics so all things from lights, temperature, TV, and fireplace can be controlled just by voice or via a touch screen pad. Their garages are completely enclosed and sheet rocked, heated, and features a drain in the floor and a hose at the door so snow and ice are not tracked into the home from the wheelchair. I doubt we could afford such an amazing home, but it’s nice to see what’s out there and dreams are always free. This builder was advertising lots for sale that he could build such a home on, the ones in Blaine were selling for $112,000, and the one in Minnetonka was selling for $325,000. Just for the lot with nothing on it.

After the conference, we did a little grocery shopping and then headed for home. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house and finally hanging the last of our pictures on the wall. Bob’s sister came over for a visit and to give him his birthday gift. We had a nice, though brief visit with her. After she left, I made dinner and then we were finally able to sit back and relax.

Sunday was my day to sleep in. Bob worked at the station and I slept until well after 10. A first for me in a long time. It was heavenly. Once I got up, I did my homework, watched the Vikings beat the Packers and did sundry things around the house. Bob got off work at 3 and soon after we met a couple we know from church for a movie. We went to see Wallace and Grommet. It was a hit! We all liked it and laughed like little kids. After the movie, our friends took us to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Dinner was awesome though the service was less than stellar. Our waiter was a little brusque and snippy and not so very friendly. But we made it through with minimal interaction with him and then went to our place for birthday cake.

Our friends left around nine…just in time for me to watch Grey’s Anatomy and then it was time for bed. Overall, Bob enjoyed his birthday very much and we both were able to get quite a bit done over the weekend. I wish we had won the lottery so that the van and the home could be Bob’s reality. They would make things so much easier for him. Maybe some day.

11:40 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 24, 2005


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