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Contemplating Baldness

I have gained weight. Back to the basics. Protein first, 64 oz of water every day, no snacks, no soda, 3 small meals daily, 30 minutes of exercise a day. Apparently, a year to a year and a half is not enough time to redirect bad eating habits or curb emotional eating.

Along those lines, I am wearing Bob’s pants today. I found out by accident that his pants fit me. I thought I was putting on my khakis one morning as I dressed in the dark, but it turns out, they were his. I still wear an 18/20 (or 22 if the pants are jeans or sized weird) but Bob’s pants fit me better than any of the women’s pants I have purchased lately. They are comfortable, they are long enough in the leg, and they feel great…not binding or restricting at all. It reminds me of when I was going through puberty and the only pants we could find to fit me at times were in the husky boys section of the store. Why do I have the kind of body that fits into men’s clothes better than women’s do?

Well, we have been busy, busy, busy. Neither Bob nor I were home for Halloween. I was in class (my last class for Foundations for Ethics…thank God!) and Bob was working at the station. I got home before he did and was in bed well before he was able to close the store and come home. Tuesday night after work I went to a great place called Simply t0 the Table. I won a 9-entrée session from my favorite radio station, FM107. I made 9 entrees for 2 including; chicken ranch pizza, Mediterranean chicken, turkey curry soup, beef medallions and peppers, smothered chicken and barley, twice baked potatoes, blue cheese pasta, lasagna, and cranberry pork. Mmmmm. We are having the lasagna tonight. I had so much fun and the food was so amazing that I would actually like to make it a regular thing. The cost is $100 for nine entrees for two. It is really a good deal and would save us money in the long run since we would not have to order in and I would have leftovers to bring to work for lunch instead of buying lunch. Next month’s menu looks even better! The photos from the event are here. The website for the meal making company is here.

Last night was my first night at home in a while. I made dinner and then Bob asked me to take photos of coins for his eBay auction. That took about an hour (he has many coins) and then I just relaxed until bedtime. Weirdly enough, I kept looking in the TV guide for a good show to watch and could not figure out why the things I wanted to watch were not on. Then I realized that I was looking under Tuesday night’s shows. I thought it was Tuesday all day yesterday. At least I did not think it was Thursday.

You know how women who are considered crazy or eccentric or “out there” are often shown cutting off all their hair? I do not think it is because they are crazy to begin with. I think it is the result of having several consecutive bad hair days in a row. Why do I think this? Because I am suffering from several bad hair days in a row and I can feel it slowly driving me crazy. I am so jealous of Bob’s shaved head and have considered shaving my hair off as well. I wish I could find someone to cut my hair in a way that makes it behave, or at least in a way that is flattering. If I feel my hair does not look good, it does not matter how well I am dressed or how clear my complexion is. If I feel my hair does not look, I feel I do not look good.

9:55 a.m. - Thursday, Nov. 03, 2005


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