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Send No Money, Just Send Aveda!

Last night began Fall sweeps on TV and what was I doing? Surfing the net. I spent most of my time here
and here. The first site is a new one to me and one I am excited about using. I have already boxed up my old VHS videos and shipped them off. I cannot wait to edit and view them online and then share them with my friends. What a great site, service, and idea! The second site is the Yahoo music video page and I spent hours watching old and new videos. It was awesome! I watched Hanson’s Mmmbop and Kanye West’s Jesus Walks among others. It is my new favorite surfing site.

We ate our fist meal from Simply t0 the Table last night. It was called Lightning Lasagna and it was OK. I think I put too much minced garlic in it. It smelled great while cooking, but it was not the best I have ever had. Tonight is chicken, bacon ranch pizza. That should be better. Bob did not say anything, though he did clean his plate, so maybe that speaks louder than words. I have leftovers for lunch today so maybe the leftovers will be better.

Tonight after work, I am going to a farewell party for a co-worker. I am not much of a drinker, but this co-worker is someone I will miss quite a bit, so it will be nice to be able to say goodbye in this way.

My hair is still driving me crazy, but today I just let it go its own way and in so doing, I resemble Rosanne Rosanna Dana. My hair is naturally curly, but not all of it is curly. Some of it is just wavy and full of body. So it is not the most beautiful head of hair ever created. Maybe once it has grown out it will be better. It is just in that “in between” state right now and it is driving me crazy! Plus, I don’t use expensive hair products on it. I want to, but with our budget, I feel guilty if I spring for Pantene when the Suave is sitting right there. Maybe I will ask for expensive hair products for Christmas.

Today my local Caribou was insanely busy. Usually I can be in and out within 5 minutes. Today, it was 15. I do not think it is a good idea to make the caffeine deprived wait in line for their fix for more than 5 minutes. I think you are just asking for a “Falling Down” type of situation with some withdrawal crazed individual shooting the place up because he did not get his White Chocolate half café Mocha in less than 5 minutes. I’m just saying.

The rest of this weekend will be spent sleeping in, doing homework, crocheting dishcloths, and that is about it. Looking forward to it. So glad it is Friday!

8:45 a.m. - Friday, Nov. 04, 2005


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