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Still Not Doing Much of Anything

Oh the scent wafting around our apartment right now is AMAZING! In our crock-pot right now, a lovely turkey yellow curry soup is a brewing. In our oven, 4 of the most delightful twice baked potatoes are baking. Our dinner tonight is going to be a lovely taste of Heaven. All thanks to the amazing place called Simply To the Table. Cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to dinner tonight.

Last night's goodbye extravaganza was sad and fun. The gal that's leaving is funny, smart, and sassy enough to make work fun. I am going to miss her. Thankfully, she is still with Big Bank Company so I can still email her. We had a good conversation about a mutual co-worker, the one I call Loud Girl. Lately she has been driving me crazy with her whining and swearing and general disregard for all workplace propriety. She flirts with Mr. Manager, throwing herself on his lap and calling him honey. She makes suggestive innuendos and has claimed they are not SLEEPING together, but in the admission implied there is other stuff going on. The co-worker that is leaving said that apparently loud girl is allowed to say whatever she wants whenever she wants and to whomever she wants because some years ago she could have had our big boss fired for some other impropriety but didn't. So now our big boss kisses Loud Girl's butt as a result. Apparently Loud Girl also applied for Girl That's Leaving's job. GTL's boss is not willing to hire Loud Girl, so she is not even going to allow her an interview. GTL suggested I talk to someone in HR about how this has been negatively affecting my work. I will only do it if I can do it anonymously. But I have to say I am interested in talking to someone with some pull because it's not professional and is very distracting. It was nice talking to GTL though because it seems like no one else in my department has any problems with Loud Girl at all. I know Loud Girl doesn't like me and that's fine. I don't care about that. I just don't need someone screaming **CK at the top of her voice in the middle of my phone call to a banker in Nevada. Nor do I need her whining for Mr. Manager to come to her cube pronto or shouting for our boss to get her butt over there. Maybe a chat with HR would be a good thing to do.

I came home to a nice surprise last night. The maintenance men came in and installed our ceiling fan. It looks great and is a nice addition to our cozy abode.

Bob's been on my last nerve today. He wants me to take photos of his coins for his eBay business. Fine. I do this quite a bit for him. But when I am about to set them up with the right lighting and angles, he protests and tells me he wants to set them up his way. Fine, but his way brings lots of glare and reflection to his coins. Then, he takes forever in setting it all up, so I decide to add an entry here only to have him say he's ready for me 3 lines into this entry. Arg! We need to work on this communication thing I think. Poor baby. He's working so hard at doing laundry and getting this eBay thing off the ground and my attitude is affecting him. This was my day to do nothing and I'm making good on my desire but should probably close now to go help my husband.

4:56 p.m. - Saturday, Nov. 05, 2005


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