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That's Not My Job

Yesterday was pretty good at work as far as Loud Girl was concerned. Either someone talked to her or she finally got a clue because she was using her inside voice and kept mentioning something about how hanging out with Mr. Manager could be "An HR Issue." So it would seem that she has had a talk.

On the other hand, there was an annoying incident at work yesterday. There is a gal in another department, I'm going to call her OCD Lady because she is VERY picky and particular about the jobs she has done for her. She is annoying to work with because she often has big ideas and no way to implement them, so she farms them out to other departments whose workload is already heavy...usually, our department. Anyway, she called my boss early on and asked if she could spare any of our team to help her team put together several training guides. We have a mailing going out, but not all the pieces have arrived, so my boss said the temp we hired and I could help. So "D" and I got upstairs and are shown several dozen binders that need to be collated, assembled, and organized. They give us the run down and show us how to do the gig and then her team leaves us so they can get their jobs done. Ummm, excuse me. We were sent to HELP not to complete the task ourselves. We are not your temps for hire. OCD Lady will not hire her own temps because she is notoriously tight with her budget. But she thinks nothing of begging my boss for her temps and regular staff to do her bidding. We only helped her until lunch and then we went back to our own jobs. I guess she wasn't happy we didn't come back and asked if we could help this morning too. I sure hope not because it is so boring and quiet and NOT MY JOB.

We had another yummy meal from Simply to the Table last night. Mmmmm. It was a grown up macaroni and cheese dish with 3 kinds of cheeses including blue cheese. I added a smoked summer sausage and french cut green beans and it was delish.

I've been keeping up on my reading and homework so far this week. It feels good not to leave it to the last minute. I have 4 chapters to read and 4 questions to answer. I'm half way done already! Whoot!

Lost was amazing last night. I am bummed about the Lostian that got shot though. That bums me out.

6:51 a.m. - Thursday, Nov. 10, 2005


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