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Shopping Season Now Open

I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I refuse. This little niggling tickle in the back of my throat and these sniffles are just airborne dust related. It is not a cold. It is not the flu. I refuse to get sick.

So, how are you?

We are hosting thanksgiving at the party room in our apartment building. Should be a good turn out although not all Bobís siblings will be there. Still, I am looking forward to it and seeing his family. Itís been too far in between visits with many of them. Thankfully, I do not have to cook the turkey. I am in charge of making the cheesy potatoes. I have to stop at the grocery store tonight after work. Do you think it will be crazy busy? If I remember correctly, I did the same thing last year and it was INSANE! I must be crazy.

My dad and mom are spending the holiday in Seattle with my dadís brother and sister-in-law. Most, if not all my dadís brothers and their families will be there. We had to opt out because of how hard traveling is on Bob. Also, it is exhausting making sure everything is accessible and then making adjustment if they are not. Moreover, we are going to Florida in two months and cannot afford to fly twice in two months. Therefore, we are missing that, but we will see my family over Christmas. Yippee!

Speaking of Christmas, my co-workers are hot under the collar about our work Christmas extravaganza. Our home office is in San Francisco. The big wigs are planning the holiday party from their offices in SF. My office is in a Minneapolis first ring burb, not downtown. The big wigs have scheduled our party for 6pm in a swanky downtown seafood restaurant. This would not be a big deal except we have to get 30 people downtown in the midst of rush hour AND the Holidazzle parade for this thing. In addition, we have to pay for parking. My boss tried to get the big wigs to pay for transportation but they refused. Seeing that the restaurant specialized in seafood, I emailed the big wigs to tell them of my severe seafood allergy and to ask them to make sure regular fish is not cooked on surfaces or in sauces that shellfish had also touched. I received an email back saying I should not worry because they are choosing the menu and the only things on it were chicken, steak, and a pasta dish. I relayed this info to my boss and co-workers and was met by much indignation. So, not only do we have to traverse downtown in rush hour, during Holidazzle, and pay for parking, but also we are eating at a swanky restaurant known for their fresh catches and seafood but also we are not eating seafood or fish? Why not just hold the party at the Olive Garden a mile down the road? This holiday party? Not looking forward to it very much. Oh, and no spouses or significant others are invitedÖjust co-workers and big wigs.

Only 21 more days until my birthday. Start your shopping now. Hee.

11:57 a.m. - Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2005


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