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Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

So another year of watching Big Bank Co's insurance division experience "Employee Appreciation Week." This is the time of year that Insurance gives its employees fun activities and gifts to show them how much they are appreciated. They got dart boards, massagers, free lunches, and today, they all got mini MP3 players! Oh man! It hasn't gotten any easier the second year. We still feel like the redheaded stepchild of Big Bank Co. We are having the office holiday dinner at a local schmancy sea food joint and won't even have sea food on our menu. Wonderful.

Tonight I actually gave the finger to another driver. I have NEVER done this in my entire life. I was just turning into the parking lot of Papa Murphy's pizza and someone was backing out of their parking place without looking. I stopped, not only to avoide being hit, but also because it was the one open spot in the lot. The guy behind me laid on his horn. I flipped him off and swerved around the backing out car. Of course horny guy took the spot. I was livid! Whatever, it's just a parking spot, but sheesh! I hate driving sometimes.

We sent off Bob's application for a service dog. We should hear in the next 30 days whether or not he's been accepted to receive a dog from this organization. Then, it should take 6-12 months before we get a dog. I hope he's accepted!

Tuesday I am going to Simply to the Table again! Whoot! Nine more frozen meals to fix over the course of a month. We also had a $50 off gift certificate to another make your own meals and freeze them place that expired at the end of the month. I placed the order and will pick up those meals next Saturday. We will be set for a while! Yay!

My Diaryland subscription expires in about 8 days. I think I will move to another spot. It will be password protected. If you want the password, please email me with your name, email address and blog/journal address and I will send you the spot and password. Thanks.

Only 12 more days until my 38th birthday!

I found out that my 20th high school class reunion is September 16th 2006. I am going to help by handing out name tags at the front table. I am also gathering current addresses for classmates. If you graduated from my high school in 1986, let me know your address!

Bob and I are traveling to south east MN tomorrow in order to bring our cars to his brother in law's auto repair place. We get our oil changed and general maintenence done there. We are bringing his family Christmas presents because we will be with my family on the 17th and that's the same day his family is having their Christmas. So, by the 17th, we will have all extraneous Christmas stuff done.

10:42 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 02, 2005


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