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Kicking It Pine Style

Today was a day of running around. It started when Bob and I drove to his sister and brother in law's auto repair place in the far south east metro. It snowed the whole way there. Our cars' oil was changed and inspected. My car is just about 5 years old and has never had anything really go wrong with it, praise God. Bob's truck is just a year older and had some problems 2 or so years ago and needs a brake job soon, but so far, we've had really good luck with our vehicles.

Bob's sister took us to her bank and opened a Mobility Fundraising account. She is going to help us raise money for a handicapped accessible van for Bob. We hope to raise enough money in the next year to get the van least Fall 2006. If you would like to contribute, it is not tax deductable, but would be considered a gift. Email me and I will send you an envelope.

We got home and were going to go get a Christmas tree. But when we walked in, I caught one of my kitties chomping on some of my crocheted projects. I had put them up high so she wouldn't get a hold of them (she likes to chew on stuff) but she found them and had a hey day. I reached up to get her down from her perch and she freaked out. She struck her back foot out and her claw caught my cheek. I have a big scratch down the side now. Nice. It's not deep, but may leave a scar. Who knows.

After we cleaned that up and I recovered from the trauma, we went Christmas tree shopping. We first stopped by the YMCA lot thinking we would love to contribute to sending kids to camp. But their costs were a little high. 8-10 per foot! We found a nice Scotch pine at another lot nearby for $25. It was snowing big, fat, snowy flakes and the tree lot smelled all fresh and piney. Bob came out with me and it was awesome. We made a memory. We got our tree and brought it home. I set it in our big bucket to soak up some water and let it fluff out. The cats were mighty courious and Maisey laid under it, hiding in her favorite holiday hiding spot.

Once that was all set up, I drove to the south metro to a first ring suburb to see Kathy at her home holiday boutique. I had some dishclothes ( not as many as I had originally made thanks to my kitty) and bought her some caffiene goodness. Her place was a snowy, brightly lit winder wonderland. It was beautiful. I ended up trading my dishclothes for some awesome "Bonita" body products and a couple of pairs of Kathy's awesome earings. Check her blog here and her handiwork here .

I got home much later than I originally intended, but was still able to get a yummy dinner of pork chops and cheesy rice and green beans on the table in about 20 minutes. Mmmmm. Now I am just kicking back and relaxing before bedtime.

Tomorrow is tree decorating day and homework day. This next week will be busy though, so I should try and get some rest while I can. Monday is school, Tuesday is the day I go to Simply to the Table to make our 9 entrees, Wednesday is blissfully empty, Thursday is my work holiday shindig, Friday is nothing, Saturday is the day I pick up more entrees from another make it and take it place in Hudson, WI (I originally won that gift certificate in May but have just never used it and it expires at the end of the month). I also wanted to bake cookies on Saturday, but we will see if that happens. I have a HUGE paper due the 19th and should be trying to get some of it pounded out between now and then so I don't have it all to do at the last minute.

So that's it. Our day of running around. Right now I am sitting with my laptop in our livingroom, smelling the sweet piney scent of our Christmas tree. I have a glass of riesling by my side and an old episode of Law and Order SVU on the TV. This is the life.

10:23 p.m. - Saturday, Dec. 03, 2005


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