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All I Want to do is Hibernate!

Happy Birthday Jennie!

Yesterday was busy busy at work. They let us go home early due to the inclimate weather. We got lots and lots of snow and of course, people drive like idiots in any weather other than sun and clear skies.

We did not hear from the bank yesterday. I left a voice mail, so hopefully we will hear from them today. You would think since I work for Big Bank Co, they would be all on the ball to get back to me. But so far, no.

My littliest nephew Repeat is having surgery today. He is having outpatient surgery to have his adnoids taken out and tubes put in. Poor buddy. He has had horrible ear infections his whole young life. He is 6, but will be 7 soon and is a little worried about all of this. Supe and I sent him a little something to cheer him up, but it won't be delivered until tomorrow when he's still home and hopefully feeling a little better.

I called him last night to see how he's doing and he sounded OK, though a little nervous. I talked to his brother Peat for a bit. He wanted to know when I was coming to visit. I told him I would be there on the 20th. He took a moment to think and then said, "That's not too long from now...only 18 more days!" He's counting the days. So cute!

I also found out that Mom and Dad were stuck in Indianapolis last night. They were supposed to be home around 10 last night. Their flight to Chicago got diverted to Indianapolis and they were looking to a flight to Madison. But I don't know if they found it or not. I called Dad's cell phone to see if they had a way home yet or not, but I got his voicemail. So, hopefully they made it home safely and soundly. How nice to come home from a cruise to the Carribean to snow, ice and wind. Fun!

I have a roast in the crockpot and am looking forward to a nice dinner after work tonight. Mmmmm.

This morning our kitty Miss Daisy was sooo cute. She would curl up next to me under my chin, all purring fluffiness. Then she would get up and knead my arm as she licked my ear and cheek. She would curl around and around my chest and arm, purring and rubbing and bumping. So cute! I LOVE this sweet little kitty.

There was talk on one of my favorite radio stations last night about the Janet Jackson half time show about how the most offensive thing during the show was NOT the exposed breast but instead was the fact that a man exposed the breast. Here is Janet, a strong woman in a gladiator-type outfit and some jerky man in plain street clothes just comes up and rips off the covering of her breast. It just is another example of mysongeny and men dominating women sexually.

Someone called in and said Justin Timberlake is the Michael Jackson of the 21st century. Someone else called in and said they theorize that LaToya and Michael are actually the same person. Ha ha! That was funny. But what is WITH those weird Jacksons anyway?

Weird Google searches that brought people to my diary: "I want to move home but can't tell my wife." "I want to spank my wife." "My Obese Wife."


A Year Ago Today: February 03, Snow days and dreams of death

We got snow!!!!! It looked like a fairy wonderland outside our patio this morning

It started snowing at about noon on Sunday and was still snowing when I left for work this morning. It was a heavy, pack-y snow. The kind that is perfect for snowmen, snowballs, etc. Too bad the St. Paul winter carnival ended this weekend!

I was late for work this morning and almost got into an accident only about a quarter mile from my home. I was turning right at a stoplight and, my car, after turning the wheel to the right, just decided to keep going straight. I drove completely into the oncoming lane of traffic and into the snow bank on that side of the road. If I hadnít been going so slow in the first place and if the big red van coming towards me had been going faster, I would be needing a new car, and who knows what else. But that guy was able to stop and once I stopped, we were able to get my car turned around and back on the way to work. But with a much faster heart rate and shallower breaths. Whew! I was not even going fast...I knew the conditions were ripe for car accidents, so I was driving slow and carefully. I cut my driving chops on snowy, slippery I am not sure what happened. I just know that I could not get my car to do what I wanted it to do and it was scary.

Another scary thing was this weekend I dreamed my parents died. Iíve dreamt this before. The last time was when I was about 25 years old. My parents are currently sunning themselves in Mexico, so I am sure that is part of where this dream came from. But it was so real and lifelike. I was soooooo sad and had all this stuff to do in regards to their death and funeral. I was overwhelmed with the preparations. I ended up having to leave my job because in the dream, my bosses were such selfish pigs that they were only going to give me 3 days off. And I was so frustrated because I couldnít find my parents papers, their will, their lawyer, or anything and I didnít know how to get started. Then my sister in law kept coming over to my folksí house and taking stuff that she wanted and at the time, in my dream, I was all, "its just stuff! Take whatever you want, but give me back my parents!" Needless to say, I was glad I woke up from that one. Still, as I think about it, I do not know where my folks keep their papers. While I know a little about what they want and where they want to be buried, I donít know what they want their funeral to look like, what kind of arrangements they may have already made, who their lawyer is, or if they have insurance and if so, with who? They are coming up to visit this weekend and we are going to talk about some stuff. They arenít even 60 yet, so I know this is fairly premature, but...well, better safe than sorry.

This is sad...when I had that dream when I was 25, I was poor and had nothing to my name. In my dream I was sad they had died and overwhelmed with all there was to do, but I was also relieved because they left me money and I really needed it. This time, in this dream...all I wanted was my parents to come through the door and say it was only a joke. I did not think of the stuff or money at all. I think itís just a matter of maturity...but I canít imagine wanting a loved one to die just so my life can be made better. I remember being appalled that I had dreamed that first dream in the first place. I think my parents were out of town that time too and the financial situation was my subconscious just melded the 2 situations. Anyway, I cannot lose my folks yet, I have not had a baby. I want my kids to grow up knowing my mom and dad too. :-)

I didnít do a thing this weekend. Donít know what is up with me, but I slept a lot on Saturday. Woke up at about 9:30, caught the news of the shuttle disaster, and promptly went back to bed. I was overwhelmed with sadness, but it also felt so far away. Like another dream. I wonder if my folks heard the sonic boom in Mexico? Anyway, I woke up around noon and watched some more reports. Went back to bed around 2 and slept until 5:30. I ended up going back to bed at 10...and slept until 9:30am. So much sleeping. What is the deal with that? And I was ravenously hungry on Sunday. All day. All I did was eat, nibble, eat, and nibble. And still felt hungry. Granted I didnít eat much on Saturday due to all the sleeping, but sheesh!

So Itís back to the normal work-a-day world today. This week doesnít really hold anything fun and exciting. I need to clean the apartment so itís presentable for my folksí visit this weekend. I may be getting my new glasses. They said it takes a minimum of 5 working days...that would be Thursday. So I hope they come in then.

Other than that...nothing. I hate February. But at least now we have snow.

7:42 a.m. - Tuesday, Feb. 03, 2004


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