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Waiting...Waiting...and more Waiting

Are you wondering if we got the financing for the van? We are too! Apparently, the financing person is not in the office today, so we have to wait at least one more day. Sheesh! I hate waiting. Supe is pretty certain they will say no. I am pretty certain they will say yes, but I am worried their yes will come at a huge interest rate. So, at least one more day of waiting.

I hate having colds. I feel like crappity crap. My voice sounds like I have smoked 10 packs of cigs every day since I was 10, but my throat doesn’t hurt at all. The good thing about this cold is that it has killed my appetite. I had the same thing for breakfast yesterday and today…a small bowl of oatmeal and a cup of yogurt with a bunch of orange juice. Then yesterday for lunch, I had a bowl of wonton soup and a veggie egg roll. Today, I had a small bowl of cheesy California veggie soup with crackers and lots and lots of water. I actually feel hunger without feeling that insatiable knowing of emptiness. In addition, it’s satisfied with an apple or protein bar. This is the best thing about being sick. The worst is how I feel and the horrible taste in my mouth that nothing, not even Eclipse gum can take away. Blech! At least I am sleeping OK…a little bit of waking up coughing and not breathing…but good hours of sleep in between. Daisy likes it because when I wake up, I scratch her until I fall asleep again. So she snuggles as close as possible so as to be found easier in the dark.

I watched Diane Sawyer’s interview with Mel Gibson last night. Do you think there are people who want to nail him on anti-Semitism or what? Sheesh people, the only people who were there the day Jesus was crucified were Jews and Romans. Plus, he died for ALL MANKIND’S sin. So, I agreed with Mel that I am just as guilty of killing Christ as anyone who might have been there that day. It wasn’t like the courtyard was filled with Asians and Norwegians…but if it had been; they might be accusing Mel of being anti Norske. I am anxious to see this movie, though I know I will have to go with a certain state of mind. Like when I went to see Schindler’s List. I knew it wasn’t going to be the bright spot in my day. Same with this film. Some people are saying that it’s too graphic in it’s portrayal of crucifixion. I say, I don’t think we have a good enough idea of how brutal this type of death was for people. Not that I want to see it first hand, but it will be an interesting visual image to carry with me as I continue down the road as a believer of Christ. I wanted to see it the day it opened, but Supe will still be in Florida and he wants to see it with me, so I will have to wait a week or so.

I am getting excited about the surgery again. I was reading the message boards at the bariatric clinic site and so many people are being scheduled for April still, so I am hoping for June. I have my second psychiatric evaluation on the 23rd and from there I wait for her to send my results to my doctor and insurance company. Then I get a 1:1 with the doctor and from there I get a date. Woo! I’m getting there. It will be interesting to see if I lost any weight this week with the cold and all. Feeling as I do, all I do when I get home is get into bed and sleep. But I am not eating as much, so maybe it will all even out in the end. Isn’t my life exciting? Colds and waiting. More waiting. Yay.

Did you see that show, The Littlest Groom last night? What is that all about? Isn't that title the most offensive thing ever? He's not 6 people! He's small in stature is all. I can't believe that show made it past the decision makers at Fox. So dumb.

2:30 p.m. - Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004


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