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Wisdom Teeth Do Not Make One Wise

It is not even 10:00 and we already had drama this morning.

Supe came home from the dentist yesterday with bad news. He needs his wisdom teeth pulled. All four of them. And it needs to be done soon as he is in pain and discomfort. He has an antibiotic for infection and the pain relievers he is on for his MD are helping with his mouth pain.

I called the oral surgeon his dentist recommended right away this morning. We made the appointment for 2pm Thursday and then they dropped the bomb. It seems they need 20% up front, the day of surgery. That could be anywhere from $100 - $300. Do we have this right now? No. Did Supe throw a fit when he heard that? Yes. Does he still have an appointment to get his wisdom teeth pulled out? No. Now I need to call our insurance provider and see how much of our deductible we have used this year so farÖI think itís 0 and see if I can get an estimate as to how much this kind of surgery costs and then call around to different oral surgeons to see if there is one who will bill us instead of asking for money up front. What a pain. Well, I called every oral surgeon on the list our dentist gave me and none of them will accept Supe without the 20% paid up front. I do not know what we are going to do. I know our faith is not in the seen, but the unseen, but this is hard. Supe kept going on and on about how we are not poor enough to qualify for welfare and health benefits, but we are too poor to pay our own way right now. I know it is hard, but I am doing the best I can with what we have. Maybe I will go through our books and CDs and see what I can sell at Half Price B00ks. If I can raise some of the dough that way, it will take some of the hurt off. We will pray about it tonight and see what God says.

Another pain in the butt thing I have to do today is reschedule Supeís appointment with his neurologist. April is the busiest month of the year for us and I cannot get any time off, even a couple of hours, to take Supe to the appointment. Therefore, I need to change his appointment to May. The only problem there is now we are getting close to my possible surgery date. I hope that it will all work out; it is just such a pain. I do say THANK GOD for insurance though. Without it, we would be up a creek without a paddle for sure.

Supe started his new quarter at school today. Once he finishes this quarter, he will have been going to school for a whole year! It really flew by quickly. It is a 2-year program, but because he was not taking a full load the first 2 quarters, he will probably be there another year and a half. I am glad he is enjoying it. Not only that, but he has really taken on the mindset of a student. I am so proud of how well he is doing. Go Supe!

I am going home for Easter! It will be a short trip, but it will be nice to see my family again. I called my brother last night to see what my youngest nephew, Repeat wants for his upcoming birthday. While on the phone, I talked to my older nephew Peat who thought I was calling to say I was coming for a visit on Easter. When I told Supe that Peat sounded so let down, he said I could go! Therefore, I will truck down there after work on Friday and come back after brunch on Sunday. I just pray nothing happens to the car and I make it there and back safely. I cannot wait!

I am still waiting to hear from the insurance company if I have been approved for the surgery or not. It is so hard waiting like this. I want to call them to check on the process, but last time I did, they said, in essence, donít call us, weíll mail you your acceptance letter. I still may break down and call them after lunch. It canít hurt and they can only tell me yes, no, or keep waiting. Ok, I gave in and just called to check and it is still pending! I hate waiting!

A Year Ago Today: March 30, "U" is for Unconditional Love and Unrelentless Regret About Having to Return to Work.

Todayís entry is brought to you by the letter "U" for "Unconditional Love".

Unconditional love is what we received from our church family today. Both SB and I really, really wanted to be there. Not just because it was Celebration Sunday and the day our church officially became "LIFE CHURCH". But because we know how fervently and relentlessly we were loved and prayed for this past week and a half.

We walked in and people cheered. It was kind of fun. And at the offering, Pastor Ron looked over and saw SB and told the congregation that we were there this morning and people cheered and clapped.

Worship was wonderful and it was soooooo good to see our friends again.

While we were sitting in church, I had an idea occur to me. The Halversrenís are moving to Duluth. John took a pastorate at a church there and maybe he has moved already...but Laura and Sandy will not be until the end of the school year. But I was thinking...I wonder if they will need someone to look after the house once they leave?

After church I talked to a friend, whose parents own the house and happened to be in town visiting and told him if they needed someone to stay there, SB and I would be interested. He said he would keep that in mind and would talk to his parents about their plans for it after the Halvorsen move.

Of course we would have to make yet another Burnsville...and leave Minnetonka, which we LOVE! However, for a house!

I told SB about it later and he wanted to see it, so before we got our lunch, we drove down to Burnsville and I showed him the place. It is all one level, which is ideal. He liked the looks of it and really like the neighborhood. We prayed about it before we left to get lunch.

We got Boston Market and a shake at DQ and brought it all home to eat.

After lunch we took naps, which felt delicious.

Then we just hung out until bedtime, watching TV and talking. Man it is good to have this man back at home!

Iím not thrilled to be going back to work tomorrow. I really wish I had a job I could look forward to...or at least felt I was appreciated for doing. was a good day...a tad on the chilly side, but we still opened the deck door to smell the spring scent in the air.

Thanks for reading. .

Addendum: We did not get to look after our friendís house because his brother and sister in law and their kids came back from where ever they had been living and they are now living in it. So, it all worked out for the best!

11:19 a.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2004


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