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You Can't Have a Rainbow Without Some Rain

Had kind of a crappy morning. Too much minutae to detail here...suffice it to say, the day started out crappy. And then...and then I looked up and right outside my window was the biggest, brightest, full rainbow I've ever seen. It was amazing. My day had still started crappy, but I felt like God was telling me He knew it was crappy but He was still in the business of keeping promises. Rainbows rock!

Good news. I haven't been itching at all since Supe changed laundry soaps.

Today has not been the greatest of days emotionally speaking. I have been feeling kind of down. Last week I was sick and this week Supe has been feeling crappy. I meet with my surgeon for our 1:1 tomorrow and I am afraid I have not lost much weight. Today I was so hungry at lunch (you know...the shaky, fainty feeling hungry?) I went home and had 3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not the best lunch in the world, huh? I still have not been able to ditch my coca cola habit. I am down to 1 a day or so, but still. And I have not exercised since I got sick last week. I've been better for about 4 days now. Maybe I'm not meant to have this surgery. Maybe I'm meant to be the fat girl for the rest of my life. You know at work we have "the blond", "the 1 guy", "the old lady", "the cheesehead". Maybe I am meant to be "the fat gal". I just don't know if I can do this. I guess I will wait and see what the surgeon says tomorrow.

File under TMI: I don't know what got into Supe last night, but it simply amazing.

Last night I stopped by the gas station to filly up. I got a couple of things and as I was checking out, the guy said something I thought was, "need a bag?" I said no, no I don't. He looked at me funny and I realised he had said, "Have a nice day". (No, no I don't.) OK. I told him I misheard him and it would be my pleasure to have a nice day. I am the whack job I complain so much about.


A Year Ago Today: April 21, 2003 A Long Story About A Short Trip

Iím not pregnant. I am sad for that.

We did have a very nice weekend visiting my folks in Southern WI. We left on Friday and drove to Southern MN to get my grandma. We picked her up, switched our stuff to her car and Sweet Baboo drove grandma and me to my folks. We would have made good time except for the construction traffic just North of Portage. We sat for about 45 minutes. It was highly frustrating knowing we were about an hour away and couldnít get there any faster.

About the MINUTE we got to my parents, we left to go to dinner. Dad took us to Culvers. It was yummy. We all had the cod, except for Mom who had a salad. Then we all went to Mom and Dadís church for their Good Friday service.

Sweet Baboo was upset because he didnít know we were going to church at all. I hadnít told him, but assumed he had heard me and Grandma talking about it and then me and Mom talking about it or Dad and Grandma talking about it. But I guess not.

We got to the church and my nephew Peat was there waiting for us. He said hi to me and then ran to SB to show him his Vikings jersey. While watching them, I heard "AMY!" and saw my other nephew RePeat coming at me at a full run. He jumped into my arms and I twirled him around and around. It was a great auntie moment.

The service was nice. The boys were good and sat between me and SB. RePeat even took communion. He is only 6, but gets it. So that was kind of cool.

After the service I took Grandma home while Mom, Dad and SB got some ice cream treats. Then I did laundry until about 1:30am. When I finally went to bed, I found that the inflatable bed they had put out for me was not so much inflated anymore. So, I went to the finished family room in the basement and set up the hide-a-bed. If it werenít that SB was upstairs, it would have been perfect. It was cool, dark and perfectly white noised.

I awoke around 10:30 am, finished the laundry, got showered and dressed and woke Sweet Baboo. My brother and his family showed up around noon and we had a great visit.

Dad and Mom made a yummy lunch of ham, potatoes, salads, bread, beans, etc. We all helped clean up after and somehow ended up outside watching the boys play football.

The weather was beautiful! Warm, sunny, and brilliant.

As we sat, the wind picked up and a nice little cloud burst happened upon us. We sat under the porch and watched the lightning and blustery rain fall.

It was awesome! SB and I LOVE storms.

This one was pretty tame, but had some wonderful loud thunder. RePeat kept saying, "I saw 4 lightnings!" It was fun.

They left around 5 and Mom and I went to Wal-Mart. I got some hair supplies and female supplies because I was sooooo sure I was pregnant, I did not come prepared.

Mom bought it all for me. She would have bought me some clothes if I was not so huge that nothing there fit me. Oh well. I was so sad about not being pregnant, I donít think I was very good company.

I told Mom what was bugging me and she said, "Well, what would you do anyway? Youíre the one working one right now." I didnít have an answer for that. Iíve been wondering about starting my own home day care business and thatís an option. The only drawback to that is the health insurance thing. My job comes with good health insurance at a good price and we cannot exactly chuck that right now. That is the sticky part. However, if I had been pregnant, we would have figured something out.

We all went to bed early on Saturday night. However, we all did not stay in bed. I was reading before hitting the lights, when SB came downstairs to see me. He was having trouble falling asleep. So we talked for a while and then he went to watch TV while I fell asleep. He said he stayed up until well after 2!

Sunday was church with the family. My brother led worship and that was wonderful. He is good at entering in, as they call it

The service was good. This church is doing the 40 Days of Purpose and Mom was so excited about it, she got us the book that goes along with the series.

After church, we went to a local restaurant for lunch. It was super crowded but it was good. I ate lamb for the first time in my life. I donít think I would know it if I hadnít been told. It tasted a lot like roast beef, except it was fattier.

After lunch, SB, Grandma and I took off for MN. SB drove and grandma sat in the front with him. I was in the back reading a book Mom loaned me. It was the perfect arrangement. I alternated between reading and sleeping and it was wonderful. For once, I was not responsible for the driving or for entertaining the driver. SB and Grandma talked and talked and had a good visit.

Once we dropped Grandma off, we were on the road home. The traffic was horrible, but we got home by 8, so that was nice. Maisey was glad to see us. She stuck to us like glue all night. In fact, I went to our room to read a bit before bed and she came in our room and jumped onto the bed and sat herself right on my book. Need attention much? Even in the middle of the night I felt her rubbing up against my arm and head butting it. Silly beast.

Today has been super busy with trying to catch up with the stuff I wasnít here to do on Friday and just with general Monday business.

Overall we had a great weekend and I LOVED being with my family. I miss them a lot when we are gone...but somehow this trip was different in that my folksí didnít seem like home anymore and here it did much more than it ever has been. Roots! They are good.

Thanks for reading.

2:51 p.m. - Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2004


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