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Phone Calls and 5 More Days!

5 more days to go!

Today did not start well as I had a 25+ minute call from a sassy banker who was ann@lly demanding and just so hard to work with. Granted the issue she was calling about was complex, but it doesn't help fix things to be all defensive from the get go. But we got it all sorted out...I think.

Yesterday I got a call from a customer (remember, I am not a customer service call center rep, I am a banker service rep.) who said, "Hello, my name is W.W. Lastname (I thought he was going to give me a web address as his name, at first...who goes by initials as their name anymore?) and the state court of Arizona ruled in my favor to take over this annuity and have it put in my name." OK. I said, "Thank you sir for calling. Do you have the policy number?" "No" "Do you have the customer's social?" "No" "Well, unfortunately, without that information, I am unable to look up the policy. I DO know though that the person who is currently the annuitant, must stay the annuitant...that cannot ever be changed." "Pardon me but you're wrong! The state of AZ courts SAY I am to be the annuitant." (At this point I think he might also launch into an evil genius ego boosting laugh and say...'and sole ruler of the entire universe!' Instead, I give him the phone number to the insurance company that holds the annuity and let him sort it out with them. Who says, "Pardon me but you're wrong?" Whatever.

I just found out something scary. Normally, we have a call center team of 6 people on the phones. We lost one recently to a different job. So that leaves 5 people on the phones. 2 of the 5 are studying for their series 7 license and are gone 1/2 time. So that leaves 3 of us on the phones. Next week, the series 7 people will be attending their series 7 class and I will be gone due to the surgery. That leaves 2 people on the phones, except 1 of the 2 was approved for vacation some time ago, so that leaves 1 person covering phones next week. Glad I won't have to be here to deal with the fallout from that.

Today is our work event out at a state park area...and it's supposed to be stormy and possibly severly so. Should be interesting.

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: May 19, 2003 Our Weekend and Looking Forward

It was a beautiful weekend here. Saturday’s weather was the most perfect weather ever. It was the kind of day I would like to bottle and take out on all the snowy, cold, icy, humid, grey, misty days. The sun was out, the breeze was light, the temps were in the perfect low 70 range. It was idyllic! The scent of lilacs and apple blossoms on the breeze...mmmmmmmm.

Friday night we took Maisey out on her lead again. She is getting used to it. We have found that if it’s too tight, she just keeps flopping over and trying to get it off. But if we loosen it up a bit, she really enjoys herself much more.

We met some new kids too! They come over as soon as we bring Maisey out. They do not hover, but the kind of run back and forth between the kitty and their play. It’s kind of sweet. I can see how it could get annoying, but for the most part they are good kids and do a good job at keeping a balance.

We slept in on Saturday and then I became the cleaning machine! Our place really needed it. Sweet Baboo had to work on Saturday, so at about 2:30, we went our separate ways. I took off to a friend’s for a S0uthern Living at H0me party. She is launching it as a new business. It was a fun time. SLaH is fun stuff, but a lot of it is pricey. I did end up getting some fun little travel candles though. Yummy smelling stuff. I want to take them on our vacation. Who knows how that cabin will smell? A nice candle can give us something yummy to sniff instead of must and mold. Just a precaution.

After the SLaH party I headed over to Roseville for a graduation party. Trisha graduated from the U of M with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. She is a girl I have known since she was a freshman in high school. I was her youth group leader then. Now she is a college graduate. On the way to her party, I stopped to get her a card since we had the cash but forgotten to get a card. The only card I could find at the gas station I stopped at was a musical birthday card. So I scratched out the happy birthday and wrote congratulations. Then I told her that the song was actually happy graduation! It was kind of cute.

The party was at a park in Roseville and it was just beautiful! I saw some people I have not seen in a while and it was good to be there. I got home and SB was still at work, so I stopped by the store to see him and he was in so much pain. I felt so sorry for him. He did give me a free car wash though…wow the perks in working at a gas station. Now the inside of my car needs to be cleaned at some point.

We skipped church on Sunday. I was up and ready, but SB felt so crappy and sore and blech that he stayed in bed. And I didn’t want to go if he wasn’t going. So I started laundry and it took me all day to do.

Our lovely kitty peed in SB’s bed again, so we had blankets and sheets and the like. It took $20.00 to do all the laundry we had to do. Not good. But at least our home is clean and all our laundry is clean and that feels good.

This was the best weekend we’ve had for a while, weather-wise. We can only hope it will be as nice when we go on vacation in 2 weeks.

Next weekend is my Madison trip. I wonder what we will look forward to once we get back from vacation?

I watched St. Elmo’s Fire yesterday. I remember almost every line by heart. I love that movie. It’s funny that the people in it are so young...younger then than I am now. But it is still so relatable. So puts me back in an 80’s frame of mind. I love that Rob Lowe’s character wants to play sax in a band. Who, besides Ritchie Cunningham, wants to grow up and be a rock band sax player? Maybe a ska band sax player...but a rock band sax player? Hmmmm. So 80’s! ----------------------------------------

9:44 a.m. - Wednesday, May. 19, 2004


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