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Milestones and Weird Stuff about WLS

OK, so the new's not all that, I know. But I am working on getting a customized one...just for me that should be much better. I just think that for this new phase in my life, I should have a new layout in this here journal. It will get better, promise.

Only 18 more days until the puree stage! So, this liquids only thing is for the birds. Especially the better I feel. It is hard to have to stop and think before shoving something into my mouth. I saw a piece of candy on the table and it was halfway to my mouth before I remembered, Doh! I can't have it.

People talked about this head hunger thing and I didn't understand what they meant until now. My stomach is not hungry. I am not hungry, but I want to shove food into my mouth willy nilly just because it's good or just because it's there. Man, I have got to figure this out before I get to the real food part of this plan.

So, the night before last I kept dreaming about food. Cruel, subconscious...just plain cruel. But last night, I don't know. Last night I had all kinds of errotic dreams. I do NOT know where these come from, but I am dreaming in lively, imaginative technicolor every night since the surgery. It will be interesting to see what I dream next.

Milestones: Yesterday I passed gas for the first time without having to run to the bathroom first.

I drank milk, orange juice and apple juice without diluting and no dumping. I don't know if that's good or bad. It sure tastes good, that's for sure.

I went the whole day yesterday and today without taking any pain medicine. The 2 days before that, I only took it at bedtime.

My cat daisy jumped up onto my stomach to cuddle this morning and it didn't hurt to have her there...for too long. It did get uncomfortable after a while.

Those are all the milestones I can think of so far.

Weird stuff: I think I smell different. You know how you have a certain smell you know is I smell different.

My mouth always tastes weird. I brush my teeth 3 times a day...and my tongue...and it still tastes weird.

I couldn't wait for broth to be a meal rather than juice or water, but now I can't stand it. It doesn't sound good or taste good to me. Blech!

My feet are cold all the time. It's 75 degrees and humid and I am wearing slippers.

I want to sleep on my stomach so badly but still can't manage it. And it hurts a bit when I roll over at night, so switching positions becomes a big production. I am waking up 4-8 times a night just to roll over. Sheesh!

So, that's about it for that stuff.

We actually saw the sun today. For about 3 hours. Now it's cloudy and threatening to storm...again. It has been the cloudiest, rainiest May I can remember.

My sister in law and neice came over this afternoon and cleaned our place. What sweeties! LOVE THEM! And not just because they cleaned. It feels weird having someone else do the cleaning for your home. But I can't mop or vacuum for 4-6 weeks, so that's the way it is. We also had a nice visit afterwards. It's been a good, relaxing weekend. Wish we could grill out! Hee.

************************************** A Year Ago Today: May 30, 2003; No Orange Kitten and A Friend in Need

So, It's my last day at work before vacation. I won't be writing in the journal for 9 days, but when I get back, I hope to have some fun vacation tales.

No word yet on the little orange kitten. We tried to get a hold of the woman who first came to Sweet BaBoo, but couldn't find her. She most likely already brought it to the Humane Society. Which I guess is just fine. It wouldn't really be much of a vacation if we took a 2 week old kitten with us. But I wanted it soooo badly! It was all I could think about yesterday. What I would name it. What I would feed it. How I would make a little home for it in a cat carrier. How it would mew and bleat and Bob and I would be its surrogate parents. Oh well. Maybe we will get another chance at another kitten someday.

Last night I talked to a good friend of mine and found out that she is in a desprate situation. She is getting laid off at work, is behind 1 car payment and doesn't have enough money for rent for June. AND her car needs repairs. She just sounded so hopeless and sad. She is a single mom and my heart just broke for her. SB and I are going to help her out, but she needs so much more than we have. When I got off the phone with her, SB and I just sat down and prayed. We poured out our hearts on her behalf because we know what It's like to be in such desprate need. We are praying for a miracle for her. Add her to your prayers if you are someone who believes in prayer and God's power to answer.

So, I have most everything in order for Ron the temp. People are so demanding though, I hope they tone it down for him when It's his watch. But he has a good system of support people to call if he should get stuck, so I'm not too worried.

I'm off for vacation!

Thanks for reading.

4:50 p.m. - Sunday, May. 30, 2004


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