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A Message to Trinity and Susan from yesterdays comments section.

Trinity, I appreciate you so much. You know so much about what I am speaking of when I write stuff in here. I know I don't KNOW you, but I feel as if I do at times. We don't always agree but we appreciate one another's strengths and purposes. Even though others may view your comments to me as rough and sometimes I take them that way too, I hold no ill will towards you for speaking your mind or speaking the truth. For I know you care about me, truly, and only want success. So, thanks for adding the black and white to my grey world.

Susan, thanks for sticking up for me. You must have a very tender heart and must be a peace keeper to the depths of your soul. Trin actually didn't say anything that I haven't thought of myself...or that I didn't need to hear. But thank you so much for your passion and kindness.

I know that with all y'all looking out for me, reading what I'm writing, and experiencing life after this surgery through me, I have a great system of support here. I find it in other places as well, but here I can be honest and I am not looked down upon or told my feelings and experiences don't matter. Thanks everyone for all you do and have done to encourage and support me.


A Year Ago Today: June 13, 2003, Baby Squirrels and Father's Day

We have a new baby! No, we didn't adopt or give birth. We have a baby squirrel! S/he is so cute!

We don't know where he came from, but he's about 5 weeks old and seems to be ill, or not right somehow.

He keeps hanging out on our patio even though Maisey is pressed up against the screen door trying to get a better sniff and look at him. Last night I was sweeping off our patio when the little guy came right up to me. I went back in the house and got some crackers for him and he ate them right out of my hand! We tried to feed him apples and carrots too, but he wouldn't eat those. I am going to search the web to see what we can try to feed him.

Later on, some of the neighborhood kids came over and as we all sat on the patio talking, the squirrel would run up to us and huddle next to our legs and under our feet. The kids would pet him and we would keep talking. It seemed to us that he was trying to settle down and find a safe place to sleep. So, we found a lid from a paper box and lined it with towels and one of the kids' sweatshirts. He seemed to know it was for him. He jumped right in and burrowed under all the warm stuff and curled up and went to sleep.

About this point, the kids brought me some books and asked me to read to them. So I did. I read them 2 books until our dinner was ready and then they all ran off to play. Man are they good kids!

2 of the kids are brother and sister. Carla and Jorge are sooooo sweet. They moved here from Mexico about a year ago with their mom and dad. Jorge was telling us about their life there. At least as he remembers it, there seemed to be a lot of violence. Some guys broke into their house and stole a bunch of stuff and killed their pet cats. Some other guys stole their bunnies and ate Jorge's pet rabbit! He also said a lot of people would get drunk and party on the weekends and get into fights and sometimes people died. He and Carla seem happy to be here, even if they do have to go to summer school. They are really sweet kids.

Claire is the other girl that was hanging out. She is the girl who cries over everything! But she too is sweet. I met her mom last night. She's 48 and Claire is about 9 or 10. Claire really really wanted us to let Maisey out last night. But we wouldn't because of the baby squirrel. Claire tried every angle to get us to let her out and finally she just moaned, "I need SOMETHING to pet." It was really kind of cute.

After dinner, I covered our heating pad in plastic and pillowcases and set it on low and put it in the bottom of the box lid. Then I put the towels and sweater on top of it. I wanted a warm barrier between the baby squirrel and the concrete patio floor. This morning when I checked on him, he was still snuggled up with his tail over his head, sleeping. When I peeked in to see if he was still alive, he kind of startled and curled into a tighter ball. Man is he cute! Bob is going to try to feed him peanut butter today.

Tonight is the benefit for Reaching Arms International. It should be fun. I will bring my camera and take some photos. I'm stressing though because I don't have anything to wear. But I am sure I will figure out something.

Bob's not feeling well today. Actually, he hasn't been feeling well for the past couple of days. First his ears felt all full and weird. Now he's got the stuffy nose and scratchy chest and throat. Yuck!

I sent my dad his requisite box of golf balls for Father's Day. He should actually get it today, but better sooner than sorrier. He said not to get him anything, but I don't feel right about not honoring him in some way. I could just send a card, but I know he loves to golf and can always use the golf balls. What makes it harder is that his birthday is in 2 I have to come up with something else. Bob and I decided to go with a gift card to a restaurant he likes so at least he and mom can go out for dinner on us.

Work has been OK. SM has been driving me crazy, but there is nothing new about that. She sits in her office, across the way from mine, and yells my name whenever she wants something. She could just say my name, or better yet, use the intercom on the phone, or even email me. It makes me jump every time. My first impulse is to bark back at her. But I have managed to check that and am able to respond in a light, kind voice. But it still drives me nuts.

One of the agents brought me flowers today for no particular reason. That was a nice pick me up. It makes me think that he's trying to appease me. Which...he did! Like in Monty Python. To appease me, you must bring me a shrubbery...or foliage. Hee hee.

Thanks for reading.

1:26 p.m. - Sunday, Jun. 13, 2004


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