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Having a Good Day With Nothing Getting Stuck

Two meals down, nothing stuck so far! And I got all my water in by 4 this afternoon. And I took all my vitamins. It's been a pretty good day.

Breakfast was not so hot. I made 1 piece of bacon and I scrambled an egg with a little milk and cheese. I took one bite of the egg and threw the rest away. It just did not go over well. Instead, I had 2 oz of blueberry yogurt. So, no harm, no fowl.

Lunch was yummy! I thought today was a lunch provided by my employer day but that's tomorrow. So I went to our work cafeteria and got a half a cup of soup and 1 thai chicken satay skewer. The chicken was part of a whole meal, but they gave me one skewer and only charged me a buck for it. Score! So, not only did I have a yummy lunch, I have leftovers for Thursday. Tomorrow is a lunch provided by my employer. I hope it's something I can eat.

Last night I was walking with Bob and happened to catch a glimpse of my legs in a store window. They are getting shapely again. They used to be shapely. Then they became big blobs of swollen fat. Now, they are shapely again.

Also, I got on our scale at home. It only goes to 300 lbs. Last weigh in had me at 321. But I figured I would keep checking on our bathroom scale. It went as high as it could go and then to the 10lb mark. So, I don't know if I would count it as accurate or not...310? I'd take it.

Tonight is a work event and I must take off for it now. More later if there is time.

4:53 p.m. - Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2004


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