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Venting About Work Stuff

Just wanting to vent a bit about work stuff.

Got a call yesterday from a banker who actually said the following: "I am out of a particular form, but I don't know the name of it or what it does."

Ummm...then how do you know you're out of it? If a banker doesn't know what a form is or what it's called, does it actually exhist? Sheesh!

Today, I got a call from a banker who had a question I couldn't answer. So I called the insurance company and conferenced her in with the insurance company service rep. Both the service rep and I were telling her the same thing and she kept saying, "No, it's NOT that way." We kept insisting it was, going as far as to have her look up the info on the web and read it for herself. She STILL refused to believe it and wanted a manager. 12 minutes of hold time later, the manager told her what we had been telling her all along and she FINALLY grudingly accepted it to be true.

On another call, a banker was filling out a death claim form and pointed me to the section that said, "An original certified copy of the death certificate will need to be sent in with this form." The banker asks me (After specifically pointing this out) "what are they looking for here?" Ummm...a certified copy of the death certificate. "Can that just be a photo copy?" No, it must be an original, certified copy. People! How hard is this?

Another banker called today with a customer who opened a brand new annuity at the end of June. They now wanted to close it, but before they closed it, they wanted to know how much interest they had earned? I don't know what's up with some people. In 2 weeks? How much interest? Um, about a whopping $25! Whoo!

Finally, there is a gal who works with me. She is originally from Russia and speaks with a lovely accent. While she is very adept and knowledgible, she comes across as arrogant and "know-it-all". There are times of the day when our phones are super busy and we have calls holding. When this is the case, our phones show us that there are calls holding, but lighting a little lite. Our computers show us how many calls are holding and for how long. If only 1 is holding, there will be a little yellow line. If there are more, the line turns red (Terrorist alert!) and we are to do what we can to get off our call and get to the next one. This gal consistantly has her phone on "busy" as she tries to compelte some servicing work. We are all to do serviving in between calls, but we are NOT to put calls off in order to get servicing done.

I don't know why this irritates me like it does. I know I like order and schedules and I like to know what to expect. I hate that this gal does this, but I hate more that she NEVER gets called on it. It's petty, but man, does it ever bug me.

Anyway, lunch time is over so it's back to the phones.

12:54 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2004


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