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Still Home and Not Keeping Food Down

Food is still not staying down. So today I'm starting over and just doing liquids. Broth, water, tea, etc. Mmmm. Still home from work too. Blech. I hate being sick. But on the positive side, I am getting lots of crocheting done. Whee.

Right now the cats are taking turns chasing each other through the apartment. It's kind of cute, but also, very annoying.

Do any of you have to pluck tiny little black hairs out of your chin? I started sometime in my late 20s and now I have to pluck every couple of days. Bob was horrified when we were first married and he saw me plucking. He thought my dewey fresh skin was natural? Ha! Au contraire. Anyway, he's used to it now, but I still hate it. Some aren't black, but some reddish blond color and they are the strongest, hardest little hairs ever to grow from someone's chin. So, I'm now off to pluck. _______________________________________ About a Year Ago Today: August 15, 2003: Getting Ready to Go

My legs HURT! Yesterday we had a fire drill at work. I work on the 13th floor. We had to walk down 13 flights of stairs. No big deal for most people. But my leg muscles are screaming at me today. I was just happy I didnít have to walk up the same 13 flights of stairs afterwards.

Bob and I went out with some friends of ours last night. Paul and Jeanie. They are awesome, godly people and we love them to death. But Itís so hard not to be jealous of them. I really, really love them, but they seem to have everything. Paul is a chiropractor. Jeanie is a stay at home mom for their 3 kids. They have 3 cars, 3 motorcycles, a beautiful home with designer furnishings. And last night we went out on their pontoon boat on Prior Lake. Itís 30 feet long people! At the end of the month they are going on a cruise to the Caribean.

Itís hard because they are such kind, lovely, giving people. They donít flaunt their stuff at all. Itís just stuff to them. Just the trappings of life. But to me, Itís what I really want.

Plus Jeanie is a tall, leggy blond. I would call her Paul's trophy wife except they've been married forever and sheís no dumb blond at all. She just looks like Barbie.

Anyway, I donít want to whine. Iím just saying...I would like to trade lives with them once in a while.

They took us to dinner at this upscale biker bar place. The food was good but it was 93X night. Thatís the local heavy metal radio station. All through dinner, they played AC/DC and other heavy metal bands at HIGH VOLUME. It was hard to have a decent conversation. But we had a nice time as we always do with them. Paul has been a wonderful friend and mentor to Bob and I just really enjoy the time we spend with them.

We got home near 11 last night and I was exhausted. I needed to pack for our trip this weekend, but once I laid on the bed, I was fried. I laid there for a while waiting for Bob to finish in the bathroom and come to bed to cuddle with me. After a while, I yelled out to him to see what he was doing and he was on the computer! So I turned off the lights and went to bed. I donít remember him coming in at all.

I got up early this morning, got some stuff ready for today. Today is pay day. My first at Big Bank Co.

Oh...which reminds me. When I left my previous job, I worked a bunch of overtime. I was trying to get everything all organized for my replacement and had to do all this extra stuff for 2 weeks in addition to training, interviewing, etc. Well, I found out yesterday that when my bosses had come back from their vacation, they resubmitted my timesheet without the overtime pay. I called Bob and he said he would take care of it. He called my old boss CM and talked to him about it. CM asked him why I wasnít calling since I had left on good terms. Bob said that I was busy at work at my new job and he vollunteered to look into the matter. CM implied that I had been trying to cheat them while they were on vacation. That I marked down hours I never worked. Bob asked if I had a habit of doing that the 2 1/2 years I worked there. CM had to admit I didnít. Basically Bob just told him to pay me what I earned and let it go or they might have to deal with a legal issue. So, CM is going to look into it and will call Bob next week. Weíre just tired of taking it up the backside as my husband so colorfully likes to put it.

On the upside, I did get paid today and it was a very handsome check. Whoo hoo! I finish enrolling for benefits today as well. Itís a nice end to a nice first 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading. --------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: August 18, 2003: After the Weekend Away

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Matt and Jenn!

As it turns out, I didnít really have to worry about my weight being an issue this weekend.

I got home from work Friday night and Bob and I went to load the pickup with our stuff for the weekend. We planned on taking his scooter so he could get around at the reception on Saturday. As we were loading it (and Itís super heavy...about 200 lbs.), the handle bars shifted and clocked me right in the face. The result was a stunning cut just below my nose and above my lip. It bled for about 3 minutes. Then Bob and I argued about going to get stitches. I insisted that we not. I hate getting stitches and we were already late after the drama/trauma of getting whacked in the face.

We ended up getting to my folks' house at around 10:30. We stayed up late talking with them.

Saturday morning, I got up around 9, ran some errands, got my brows waxed, and got home to get ready. Bob was crabby and now I was not looking forward to spending my day with long time friends and a crabby husband and a busted face.

But really, it was a lovely, lovely day. The wedding is at the church we all used to attend before the mass exodus to other houses of worship. It was nice to be back. It was nice to indroduce Bob to what had been my church home for 5 years. Itís still a beautiful building.

The wedding was simple and lovely. David and Diane were radiant. It all went off without a hitch, except one of the wedding party did almost faint. Just as the minister was pronouncing them man and wife, a woman started to fall. Thankfully, she was caught and brought over to the front pew and dissaster averted. Everyone felt a little scared for her and relieved she was OK.

After the service, I managed to catch up with my friends. Several of whome I havenít seen for 2 or more years! Many of whom I saw at my wedding and not at all since. It was fabulous.

A few of us went to a nice sandwhich shop as a prelude to the reception. There were about 2 hours between events and even though the reception was 40 miles away, we didnít want to arrive early.

It was a nice transition. It allowed Bob some time to just decompress. He knew these people and enjoyed their company and had a really good time laughing with us. For when these particular people get together, there is always laughter.

After that we all changed clothes and took off for the WI countryside reception.

It was beautiful. I will post photos after I get them downloaded to the computer. The reception was outside in a HUGE tent. The food was catered by State Street Brats and was excellent! There was sun, warmth, a breeze and friends. What more could you want? They had stuff for all the children too. They had buckets filled with kites, butterfly nets, bubbles, balls, and a playground any kid would love. It was awesome.

There was much catching up. So many of our previously married friends were now sporting children in strollers. Some couples even had second chilren I hadn't heard about. Weirdly, it seems the majority of my friends have boys. Boys, boys and more boys. Which turned out nicely for the boys...lots of kids to play with. I was in heaven for a while as I got to hold babies. Sweet, smiley, sleeping, gentle babies. So much fun!

Bob had a great time. That was the nicest surprize. We had some help taking his scooter off the truck and then he was off and running. He talked to several of my friends, played with kids, and was the sweet funny man I love. The kids took to him like ducks to water. He helped them catch butterflies and crickets and ended up giving them rides on his scooter. What a thrill. They followed him around as if he were the motorized pied piper.

It was just so much fun catching up and taking pictures. So many couples told me that the pictures I had taken at their weddings were their favorite pictures. Several still had some framed and displayed at home. That really makes me feel good. I enjoy taking pictures and sharing them with others.

On the drive back to Mom and Dad's, Bob remarked that he was glad he came and so glad he brought his scooter and he had had a really nice time. That was my favorite part of the day. I am glad he enjoyed himself so thoroughly. My friends are becoming his friends too.

Sunday we slept in, I did laundry and then we left Mom and Dad's around 11:30. We drove to Madison to meet my brother and his family at a local pizza place with kid friendly atmosphere. We had a nice visit and Itís always good to see the boys.

At one point during lunch, my sister in law said something cute and funny and my brother got the biggest chuckle out of it. The look he gave his wife of 10 years was just precious. He is still so much in love with her and she with him, it was dazzling to sit there and see what they share after a decade of marriage.

After that, we loaded up the truck and made for home. Bob drove and we just reveled in our time together. We had a nice weekend and an uneventful trip home. I think the only complaint is the cost of the gas we filled up with about 3/4 of the way home. Bob started pumping before he saw the price. $1.79!!!! But we needed it and it was there.

Once home we unpacked and placated our kitty who chided us thoroughly for being gone so long without her. But a good time was had by all.

When we got home and checked the mail, my lab results from my doctor were in. All my levels were normal except for my bad cholesteral was slightly elevated. In fact, all my levels were much better this time than last year. Okaaay. Iím heavier than I've ever been and more out of shape than ever, but my levels are the best they've been in probably 3 years. Weird. Good news though.

Thanks for reading.

12:13 p.m. - Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2004


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