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I'll be going to the doctor today to see if they can figure out what in the heck has been going on with my digestive system lately. Still now food, though liquids do just fine.

In discussing the possible problems, the subject of pregnancy has come up. Now, I'm on the pill and our various health issues don't allow for a very active love life, but we do still manage to get the job done. I know stranger things have happened, but I think if I were pregnant, that would truly be amazing. My pill packet for this month ends on Saturday so even if I didn't go to the doctor, I would find out soon enough if I were pregnant.

My guess is I just have some tenatious bug that refuses to go away. I don't have stomach acid in my new little pouch, so that could be part of why it's hanging on so long. Last night I opened the freezer to get some ice and so began the 5 minute dry heave due to seeing food. Blech.

I HAVE to get better because next Monday I start school to get my insurance license.

Anyway, back to the pregnancy thing. Bob and I were talking about if I were pregnant (Which is so dangerous because of the high hope factor) and he was just so sweet. He said he would just be so excited, so joyful and a little bit fearful. But we would make it work. Then he started suggesting the most hilarious names for our potential progengy. "Mustafa!" "Shaneanea!" Bob is one of the funniest people I've ever known and even in my fevered state, he left me giggling at his choice of baby names.

I am pretty sure my illness is not due to pregnancy, but instead a bug that refuses to let go. But, stranger things have happened. I will know more after I call the clinic at 8 to see if they can get me in today. Oh goody! And tonight at 7, I have a dentist appointment! Wheeeeeee! --------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: August 19, 2003: The Heart of a Friend

My Diaryland account allows me to see statistics of people who find my websight through other sources. One of my favorite stats is the Google stat. Today, I was reading the Google stats and people found my websight by searching for the following:

1.) Kitty talk sounds funny

2.) Pixie haircut short

3.) Adoption stories from Haiti

4.) Signing a sympathy card

5.) My baby squirrel died

Weird huh? Some days I donít get any hits and some days I get tons!

A friend of mine came over last night to talk. She is having a hard time with her roommate. I guess they had a friction-filled weekend. My friend now wants to move out. She thinks her roommate has a narsisistic personality disorder. I am skeptical of that diagnosis from the hip. I think it it more that her roommate is a single Mom trying to make it on her own and do the best job as she can, combined with a type A personality and a penchant for seeing things as black or white with no gray or middle ground.

My friend is really struggling though. She wants to be married and out from having to have roommates. I told her to use this situation to prepare for marriage because though her roommate has a more demanding and aggressive personality than her future husband most likely will have, she can use the skills she learns here for unconditional love and conflict resolution. Itís a hard place, but God has her here for a reason.

I remember when I lived with a difficult person. I wanted her to change so badly so I would have it easier. But God used the situation to work on me and my attitude. We battled over stupid stuff, but it really did help prepare me for the compromise, service, and unconditional love marriages need to survive.

My friend was also looking at photos of the wedding I went to this weekend. She saw a particular man in the photos and took a fancy to him. She said he is her type and even went so far as to say if he ever gets divorced to let her know. I know she was joking but that comment kind of shocked me. First of all, she doesnít know what kind of man he really is. She doesnít know anything about him other than he looks good in photos. She doesnít know his heart or his private struggles or how is relationship with God is going.

Then my husband piped up and said it isnít Biblical for divorced people to get remarried. I cringed because, while I believe that to be true, I know Itís a very conservative and controversial statement. My friend said she didnít believe that and that God offers forgiveness to all. Thatís true. He does. He forgives and forgets, but that doesnít mean there aren't consequences to our actions. Bob and I believe that married people are joined by God and no man can separate that bond. No Man. We donít understand the miracle of marriage or the bond thatís created when 2 people vow to love each other until death. But we can read God's word and see what He says about certain issues. Anyway, I was mulling all of these things over and just praying for my friend. I hope she finds the one her heart is looking for. But I hope she doesnít sacrifice the eternal for the immediate.

I woke up last night at 3 am and could NOT get back to sleep. I hate when that happens. I stayed up until 4:30 and then fell asleep HARD. When my alarm went off, I wasnít ready to get up and have been in a sleep deprived funk ever since.

Work is going well. I am settling in and learning new stuff every day. There are some things I feel very confident in and other things I wonder if I will ever get. But Itís coming. I really enjoy my co-workers and my work setting. Itís 180 degrees from Bankers. I am glad I made the switch.

Thanks for reading.

7:18 a.m. - Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004


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