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Back to the mines I go

Yesterday was a very good day all around. Our weather was weird for September. Mid 80's, very warm and VERY windy.

Work went well. I had 115 emails to catch up on as well as a full inbox, but strangely enough, no voicemail. Everyone was so nice and they all said they had been worried, but were glad to have me back and didn't I look fabulous? Like a brand new person! So, that was nice. I jumped right in and it was like I had never been away. But I do see the wisdom in sending me back part time to start. Sheesh! I was one tired puppy at the end of my piddly 4 hour shift. I came home and vegged in front of the TV, only to get completely excited again while watching Oprah.

Did you see Oprah yesterday? She gave brand new, fully loaded Pontiac G6s to every one in her audience. Not only that, but she gave a full and complete scholarship to a gal who had been living on the streets but who was still trying to do right. Not only the full scholarship, but a full wardrobe, a makeover, and possibly a new career in modeling. That was a touching story. Finally, there was a couple who were foster parents to the kids no one wanted and they were losing thier home as of October 1st. Oprah gave them a check to buy the house outright, another check to make improvements on the house and all new appliances and furnishings for the house. It was one over the top Oprah for sure.

After that, I asked Bob if he wanted to go for a bike ride. It was so fun. It was warm and windy and smelled like the rain that was coming from the West. I rode my bike and Bob drove his wheelchair. We rode circles in the Aldi's parking lot and then decided to hit the bike trail down the street. Before we got very far, the rain began to fall, so we headed for home. It really was fun.

I don't know what's going on with my complexion, but I am broken out all over. It's like I'm 15 again and it's driving me crazy. Right after my surgery, all my acne cleared up and I was so happy. I'm 36...acne should no longer be a word in my vocabulary. Then, I was hospitalized and put on the TPN and all of a sudden, my face in an oil pit acne farm. HATE it!

Only 4 more days until we head to WI to see my family. Yay!
------------------------------------ A Year Ago Today: September 14, 2003: Adoption Rocks!

Guess what?

We have a new baby! No, not a squirrel. We are now a 2 cat household!

I was mourning our dear little squirrel baby and asked my husband to take me to the Humane Society yesterday. I just wanted to love on some animals. And I did just fine until I picked up this beautiful tori point/siamese mix little girl. Oh she was such a doll. She cuddled right into me and just relaxed. Poor baby was only a year old and had just had a litter of babies and had just been fixed. Not only that, but she had had ear mites and an upper respitory ailment. But she was on the mend and just loved on Sweet Baboo and I. Oh I loved her. I ached when it was time to put her back. Sheís just one sweet little girl.

Because I am a spoiled rotten wife, when we got home, my husband went over our checkbook and our budget, found that we couldn't really afford it, but really when would we? So, he did a little creative financing and today we went back to get our new little kitty.

She is so beautiful. We named her Daisy because we are just that dorky. (Yes, our cats are now named Daisy and Maisey. What? Shut up!)

Right now she is in our bathroom. She is shy and timid. It didnít help that Maisey did the lonesome howl the minute she figured out that Daisy was in the bathroom.

Sweet Baboo is taking Daisy to the vet first thing tomorrow morning to get her declawed. We canít have one cat with claws and one cat without. It would not be a fair fight if (once) they got into it. Also, we just want to have our vet check her over and make sure sheís 100% OK. Oh I just love her! I canít wait until she can come home to stay. I just hope the 2 cats get along.

Maisey is our fiesty cat. She doesnít like to share and likes things her way. Daisy seems very timid and shy. Though she did play with me at the shelter. We went into the pet room and played with a little cat ball and she loved it!

So we are a two cat household now! Hope it all works out. keep us in your prayers! Ha ha.

9:36 a.m. - Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2004


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