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Server Maintence Ate My Entry

Arrrrggggg! I JUST typed a whole entry and hit enter to post it and got a LOVELY message about some server work being done. Of course once the site came back new entry! Arrrrrggggggg!

So, let's see if I can remember everything.

First and foremost, you MUST go HERE, especially if you are a fan of The Amazing Race, and saw the episode where that one guy said his ox was broken. Hee. That just makes me laugh. Anyway, they have the official t-shirt and I must admit I covet that thing and wish to high heaven we had an extra $20 so I could buy one in a MUCH smaller size than I've ever previously worn.

Speaking of which, this morning's chilly temps of 31 degrees had me perusing my closest for a sweater that might fit. My old sweaters are much to big now and my mom had sent me home with a couple in a much smaller size that she thought I might be in by early spring. Well guess what? I can wear at least one of them now! I used to wear a 30/32 at my heaviest. My pants are a size 24 right now and they are getting noticibly looser. But this sweater? It's a beautiful red mock turtleneck and it's a 14/16! And it fits. And I've received a dozen compliments today on how great I'm looking. It's wonderful. I feel great and LOVE this sweater. Though I just realized I look like a target employee with the red sweater and khaki pants. Good thing I don't need to go there today. But it usually doesn't matter what I wear because no matter where I go, people ALWAYS assume I work there and ask me for help. Sheesh!

The first thing I did when I got to work today was to talk to my boss about getting my insurance license. I was well on my way to do that when I had all the health issues in Aug and Sept. So today I scheduled my insurance license classes for the week of October 25th and my insurance license test for November 3rd. I have to get that all done and out of the way before the end of the year. Also, now that I've decided to go back to school, I figured it would be best to be done with all studying I'll need to do for this test. Yay.

School! Yay! Can you tell I'm excited? I can't wait to send in my application. I keep going to the school's website and reading about the program, my major, the classes I get to take...MMmmmmmm. Classes. CANT! WAIT!

With all the cooler weather we've been having, the colors on the trees are finally beginning to pop! I will take some photos when they peak, but right now they are still mostly green with some more of a yellow-y brown color. There are a few oranges and reds peaking though. LOVE! FALL!

I think that's all I wrote before. I hope so anyway. Grrrrr, server maintenence!

12:04 p.m. - Monday, Oct. 04, 2004


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