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Guess what I just found out? The college I am interested in has a special information session starting Tuesday October 19th from 7-8am. If I go to that and drop off my application, they will WAIVE THE APPLICATION FEES! So, guess where I will be between 7 and 8am Tuesday morning, October 19th? You betcha baby!

I also found out that the program I want to study is not offered until MAY! Boo Hoo. I grudgingly must state that I'm not putting all my educational eggs into this particular basket. I am actually looking at other schools too, but this is the one I am leaning to at the moment.

I found out lots of cool things by calling their info line. It's a 71 week program. You take 1 class a week at night from 6-10 for 4, 5 or 6 weeks. If you do this, you are considered a full time student! You start the program at a certain time (in this case, MAY!) and you go through the entire program with the same group of people.

They said it costs about $12,455 to get through the whole program. That's just tuition. Books and the REQUIRED laptop will run ya another $3700. Plus $100 enrollment fee and the $125 Set-up fee. My work will pay for $5000 tuition reimbursement per calendar year. That means ONLY tuition. So I will be responsible for the other $6380. I guess that's why God invented Scholarships and student loans. Except I don't want to take out any student loans if at all possible. Unless it's to pay them back right away after being reimbursed through my work's tuition reimbursement program.

I also found out that my tech school credits will transfer, but only a MAX of 30. Hopefully, all my general eds will transfer to meet the 30 general ed requirements so I can get right into the program.

Some of the courses I'll be studying? Business Communication, Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Communication, Image Creation For Documents, Publicaion Design, Worldview and Ethics, Principles and Presentations of Public Relations, Professional Presentations and Speech Writing, Basic Web Design, Management, and Methods of Communication Research. Yay! Did I already say that I can't wait? May is so far away. But the next program start after that is August! So, I guess May is OK. Yay! Plus I'll be dropping off my application in 2 weeks. Unless I get a random $25 bucks somewhere...then I'll send it in so it gets there sooner.


3:39 p.m. - Monday, Oct. 04, 2004


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