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2 recipes and our weekend of comfort food

This was the weekend of home food/comfort cooking.

Saturday, both Bob and I were up early and decided to go grocery shopping to get it out of the way. We went to Aldi's which is the discount grocery store near our home. We found almost everything on our list there, but I still had to go to the regular grocery store to get some other items. Aldi's is awesome and saves us so much money. Our bill easily could have been double what it was had we shopped in a regular grocery store for our staples.

Once I got home, I had to make a hotdish for a pot luck dinner we had on Sunday. Bob wanted meatballs, but no tomatoes or tomato sauce. So I looked through my cookbooks for a swedish meatball recipe. But what I found was something different. It ended up being so yummy. I browned the meatballs with some onion and minced garlic. In another pot, I cooked instant rice. Once the meatballs were browned, I added fresh chopped mushrooms, a can of cream of mushroom soup, and some cooking sherry. Once everthing was cooked, I mixed it all together in a large bowl. Before putting it away, I dished some up for Bob and he thought it was yummy!

After that, I made a tatertot hotdish for our dinner Saturday night. Mmmmm. As that was cooking, I made Bob's birthday treat. His birthday isn't until this coming Saturday, but he decided he wanted cocoa crispy bars with mini chocolate chips instead of cake. So, I made that up for him to snack on this week.

After all my cookery, I had to clean up. After cleaning up, I gave Bob a haircut and he looks AMAZING! But with lots of red hair falling on the floor, it meant more cleaning up.

Sunday meant church. And it was wonderful. The worship part of the service was full and satisfying. So hard to explain, but it just really ministered to me. After church, the fellowship was sweet. I held a 4 month old baby until she fell asleep. Oh, so sweet. Bob was prayed over and encouraged by several fellas. After that, we had our potluck. Let me stop here to say some wonderful things about Pyrex. Before we left for church, at about 8:45, I took our hotdish from the oven and placed it on a thermal Pyrex carrier. I heated up a heat that came with the carrier and placed it in the pocket. We took this to church and put it in the kitchen for the potluck. 2 HOURS later, I went downstairs to reheat the hotdish but found that it was still hot and perfect for serving! Pyrex rocks!

Anyway, we had our potluck and some more fellowship and then it was time to go home.

Once home, it was naptime. We had a cold, blustery weekend and it felt so nice to just lay in bed together snuggling and warm. I only slept for about a half hour, while Bob slept for a couple of hours. I had to clean the cat boxes and wanted to make something yummy to eat while watching the late Vikings football game. I found a recipe for pizza crust in my Kitchenaide mixer book, so decided to make that. Mmmmm. Home made pizza is so good. Next time I make it though, I think I will precook the crust a bit before adding the toppings. But it still turned out great.

We watched the game until the third quarter and then I just had to go to bed.

This morning, I got up and made what we are having for dinner tonight. I browned some garlic and onion in olive oil and then added some beef I'd been marinading all weekend. While that was browning, I emptied the navy beans I'd soaked overnight into the crockpot and poured 2 cans of rotel tomatoes with chili, cilantro and lime over the beans. Once the beef was browned, I added the contents of the pan to the crockpot plus 2 cups of water. I will cook this on low all day and come home to a hearty, warm meal of beef and navy beans. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love the weekends of hearty home comfort cooking. We have some leftovers, come over and join us, won't you? --------------------------------------- About A Year Ago Today: October 17, 2003: Friday Five and Commercial

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday Jimmy D! Many of the great journal writers are at Journal-Con so itís up to us scrubs to keep the pace while theyíre away. Weíre off the bench on the field so letís make a name for ourselves while we have a chance! Do you think Iíve been watching too many high school football games?

Just for your information, here are the Top 3 Commercials I Hate: 1.) Old Navyís new menís painterís pants commercial with ďThe NannyĒ macking on young, college-age guys. I hate the song, I hate the fake looking guys and I hate that this 30+ woman is getting it on with the college crowd. Can anyone say Mrs. Robinson? 2.) DeBeers Diamond ad where a young couple is spending their anniversary in Italy and the love struck man shouts his love for his mate while she cringes in obvious embarrassment. However, when he whips out the bling bling, THEN his mate is all, ďI love this man. I love him, I love him, I love him.Ē Whatís with the conditional love woman? 3.) Nissan Truckís commercial that is quoting some war movie the whole way through. I donít know what the movie reference is so I feel completely and totally lost. Apparently Iím not good enough to own a Nissan Truck because I donít know what war movie they are referencing. And just for future reference, I HATE, HATE, HATE the Yoplait commercials with all the girls talking about how good it is. The one skinny white girl with the dark hair has THE MOST annoying voice. I havenít seen that one on for a while, but I loathe it with the white hot hatred of a thousand suns.

Now, for a more positive spin, here are the Top 3 Commercials I LOVE: 1.) The Sprint Wireless commercial where a geeky, clumsy guy is chowing at a diner next to a super cool, laid back gal. She takes a picture of him with her camera phone and sends it to her pal saying, ďDonít you just love your new boyfriend?Ē I crack up every time I see that commercial. 2.) Outback Steakhouse commercial where a guy is sitting at his desk crumbling crackers over his keyboard. Then you see his boss standing outside his office listening to the clickity clackety of a computer keyboard. The boss smiles with satisfaction of his industrious employee. Next shot is of an open window and pigeons walking and pecking on the keyboard to eat the crumbs. I laugh at this one every time too. 3.) Yoplait Whips commercial where they show everything fluffy. I donít like the whole commercial, just the one where they show a fat cheeked baby in a parka. Oh my goodness is that baby cute! Also, my husband and I like the Jimmy Dean bacon commercial because itís so absurd. As if the whole world will stop spinning if there wasnít such a thing as great tasting bacon that cooks in less than 3 minutes and is still crispy.

Hereís Todayís Friday Five:

1. Name five things in your fridge.

1. Milk

2. Coke and Cherry Coke

3. Eggs

4. Various and Sundry sauces, marinades, and accoutrements

5. A box of Arm & Hammer baking powder

2. Name five things in your freezer.

1. Freezy Mugs

2. Beef, Chicken, Hamburger

3. Ice

4. Dove chocolate Ice-cream bars

5. Corn dogs

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

1. Garbage Can

2. Cat food

3. Dishwasher and Dishwashing soap

4. A Step Stool

5. Vinegar

4. Name five things around your computer.

1. Discs and CDs

2. Pens and Pencils

3. A Calendar

4. A cat or 2

5. Computer accessories

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

1. Bandaids

2. Celexa and Nexium

3. Toothpaste

4. Eyeglass cleaner

5. Tweezers

My husband is the sweetest man. Last night we were watching Extreme Makeover, my new Thursday night obsession. The women on there were shown as they were before the makeovers and Sweet Baboo said, ďThey look so much better before.Ē Then he went on to say that skinny women, to him, all have the same exact bodies. He said he really likes my body because there are so many curves, peaks and valleys to explore. He said I am beautiful to him because I am so different from everyone else. I donít know how to explain how that felt. Sometimes I just feel so cherished and so much like a princess around him. No one has ever loved me the way he loves me and itís an amazing gift. However, it is weird to have someone love the parts of you that you hate the most. Maybe I will learn to love them and learn to love myself enough to change them.

Itís still the kitty free for all smack down around our house. In actuality there is very little smacking going on and A LOT of hissing and snarling and growling and stare downs going on. Maisey still charges Daisy but Daisy seems to be standing up for herself a lot more. She can put on one mean face, let me tell you. Daisy seems content to just leave Maisey alone and do her own thing, but Maisey wants to be informed of Daisyís every move and thwart her whenever possible. So it looks like more refereeing is on for this weekend.

Thanks for reading.

6:43 a.m. - Monday, Oct. 18, 2004


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