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Warning: Womanly Issues Discussed Here

I don't know if I mentioned this before but when Bob went to see the Vikings with his sister, she had called ahead and made sure that their seats would be accessible since he would be there in his wheelchair. She surprised him. Their seats were on the floor near the endzone. He said they had the best time. There were photos taken with Vikings cheerleaders and Ragnar, the Vikings mascot. The Vikings lost the game, but you would never have known it by my husband who came home so excited, so jubilant, so high on life. It was a fun treat for him, provided by his sister's foresight.
Warning: womanly issues discussed ahead...please leave now if this makes you uncomfortable!!

Has this ever happened to you? I missed 2 of my birth control pills. Just 2. It's happened before with no consequences. But this week, those 2 missed pills led to me having my period...again. Just 1 whole week after having had it already. I have kept taking the pills since, but I still have my period. Again. I realize that my body is in the process of adjusting and getting used to my new weight and new meal sizes, etc and that there may be some other adjustments in my body while I'm losing this weight. This period thing may be part of that. But I hate having my period and I like having as many days in between periods as possible. In this case, it's only been 7 days. Arhg!

OK back to regular programming.

Our cat Daisy is part Siamese. This is only important because of what follows. She has a propencity for chewing. She chews on wood and plastic and even on the walls of our home. Bob and I have wondered about this. Is she OCD? Is she stressed? Does she have a vitamin or health deficiency? In looking up info on the internet, I have come to find out that Asian cats have a propencity towards chewing. They usually nurse longer than other breeds of kittens, they chew on wool, cloth and then move on to other things such as wood and plastic. They said that you could try to medicate the kitties with prozac or bulk up their diet with more fiber. They also said to give your kitty some CET cat chews. Of course the cat chews cost almost $6 for 30 chews. We might try giving her a small rawhide dog chew and seeing how she does with that. Her chewing has been getting out of hand lately...especially since she chewed the armrest of Bob's wheelchair. Not a good thing. I know there are other people with Siamese cats out you all have these problems with your cat? What do you do to curb it? And how do you add more fiber to a cat's diet? She's not really a lettuce eater. Shredded Wheat? Fibercon added to her water dish? We're just not sure.

I received the official letter of acceptance from my college. I don't think I can explain the feelings that came over me as I held that letter and read it. I felt proud and excited and as if the rest of my life is starting now. I even teared up a bit while reading it. Happy tears of joy and acceptance. I am going to finish my degree. When I am done with my program, I will have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Communication. Yay!

OK, the DAY after Halloween I started to see Christmas commercials. 1 DAY after Halloween. Last night, I saw at least 10 new Christmas commercials. The worst offenders? Toys R Us and Target. Sheesh! Not ready to start thinking of Christmas yet people. Slow down for goodness sake and at least let us finish eating the leftover candy!

When I read my email this morning, one of my friends was offering me free tickets to see Pygmalion at the Gutherie Sunday night. I am hoping to find a couple of people to go with me because I hate going to things like that alone. Free theater! Whee! That's my only plan for the weekend as of now. Lots of nothing and Pygmalion.

************************************** A Year Ago Today: November 05, 2003: Boys With Toys and Volunteering with the MDA

Hey! Had a pretty good day today. Met with the regional field rep for MDA. We had a great talk about MD, MDA and how I could help by volunteering for several of their big events. We met at Caribou, chugged big cups of flavored caffeine and blabbed away. I left feeling excited and bouyant. Right when I got to work, I emailed everyone an update and told them how they can participate with us in raising money for MDA.

Sweet Baboo called me and is all excited about his hospital bed. He said not only do the head and feet part of the bed lift and lower, but the whole bed lifts and lowers as well. He thinks it will be an awesome tool and will really help him to sleep. He also got what he calls THE ROLLS ROYCE of walkers. He didnít want a walker at all, but his therapist insisted that it will give him more stability than the cane heís been using. The one they brought him comes with a basket on the front and a seat in case he gets weak or tired and needs to sit down. He is all excited about it because he can take it to school and use the basket for his lunch and books! He says he is glad we ended up insisting he get one because itís going to come in really handy. Heís like a little boy with new toys!

************************************* About A Year Ago Today: November 06, 2003: Itís Not Wednesday

So winter and "The Holidays" are finally here. Yesterday in the car on the way to work, I heard no more than 3 commercials in a row advertising Christmas specials. TV was the same. Was yesterday the official beginning of Holiday Shopping Season? Also, Menards has begun their annual Christmas shopping theme. I hate it so much and yet canít get it out of my head..."Merry Christmas, Merry Merry Christmas!" Bah! Also, the temps here are frigid. The HIGH tomorrow is supposed to be 28! Brr.

So our apartment kind of looks like a medical supply store now. But Sweet Baboo is so happy. His tricked out walker is spectacular. Itís like the SUV of walkers. When you imagine walkers, donít you think of those clunky silver rectangular things pushed by old people with tennis balls on the front? I did. But not anymore! SB has a nice curved 4 wheel walker with a basket and seat. Itís in a stylish matt black/grey and has big nobby wheels. Itís really pretty cool.

Also, his hospital bed must be extremely comfortable as he slept like a baby for almost 12 hours straight last night. The first time in recent memory. So Yay! Weíre going to need to get a mattress cover and twin sheet sets now though. All we have is Queen and this is a twin. Also, itís a little longer than a normal twin bed, but itís nice. Itís quiet too. The head and footboards are just plain brown and the rails are silver. But itís awesome that he can sleep so comfortably for a change. I did have to rearrange our bedroom just a little bit. We used to have our 2 beds pushed up against each other so we could snuggle for a bit and then roll to our respective sleeping habitats. But now Itís like camp with his bed on one side of the room and my bed on the other. Itís kind of sad, but we make it work.

We were talking last night and decided if we stay at the apartment building we live at now for any more length of time beyond our lease, we want to move into a 2-bedroom. With all SB's new equipment, itís just a little too cramped. We can make due and make it work, but more space would be nicer.

SB and I have been talking about all the changes we have faced in the 3 years since our engagement (the anniversary of which is Dec 8th). Imagine if you were just going along in life, doing the things you normally do and one day it became apparent that you were no longer able...or capable of doing those things. Wouldnít that freak you out? When we look back, we can see how quickly his health declined.

Tomorrow's Friday. All day I've thought Itís Wednesday so itís like a bonus for me that tomorrow's Friday. Yay!

Thanks for reading.

Itís the Friday Five!

Itís beautiful and sunny here today but the high is only supposed to be 28 degrees. At 12:30PM, it is now 20 degrees. Overnight we are supposed to get our first below zero temperatures. The ski hills here have been making snow all week. This should help make up for the crappy winter weather weíve had the past 2 or 3 years running.

The cats got into SUCH a scrap last night! There was hissing and howling and growling, so much so that it sounded like a mountain lion had descended into our apartment. Sweet Baboo got so mad he threatened to get rid of one of them. In the end, Maisey got banished to the bathroom and Daisy got free reign. We are at a loss with them. Daisy doesnít do anything to provoke or annoy Maisey. In fact, she pretty much ignores her and keeps to herself. The minute SB and I are no longer paying attention to who is where and doing what, Maisey will race to where ever Daisy is and jump on her, chasing her around the apartment. They create a horrible rucus and this time, we were surprised that no one was hurt beyond wounded pride. Itís Friday. Here the Friday Five!

1. What food do you like that most people hate? I canít think of any. I have eaten lizard from the wilds of Brazil and it was OK...tasted like chicken. So I will say that.

2. What food do you hate that most people love? Whipped Cream and Raisins. Not together...well, yes, together and separate. Yuck!

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you? There are a couple. I canít stand Barbara Streisand. Iím starting to get really annoyed with Harrison Ford. I've never really liked Jack Nicholson. And most sports heros are lost on me.

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find attractive? I loved Christopher Walken before it became cool to like him. I really like Alicia Silverstone and Brenden Frasier. And Fisher Stevens strikes my fancy.

5. What popular trend baffles you? The trend to wear clothing from the 70's. Yuck! Accually, anything from the 70's (other than That 70's Show) baffles me with its appeal. I lived through that decade and came away unscathed (not counting my purple Alice in Wonderland character cordoroys!) only to have to encounter the hideous clothing choices once again. Blech!

Thatís it for now. Thanks for reading!

6:27 a.m. - Friday, Nov. 05, 2004


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