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The Good News Keeps On Coming

So now that the test is done, there is a lot off my shoulders. I can actually come home after work and sit down in front of the TV or knit or crochet and I don't have to study! Woo! And I passed! I passed. It is such a relief. My application for my insurance license and my appointment papers are now on their way to the proper authorities.

I also talked to the admissions rep at the college of my choice and now the wheels of change are in motion. I need to apply for grants/scholarships/loans, I need to register for my one public speaking class and I need to figure out how to either CLEP or get out of the computer applications class. NOw that it's real, now that I've been accepted into the college AND into the program, it's a little scary and intimidating.

The other good news we got yesterday was from our motgage guy. He met with Bob again, went over our credit report and the news is good. When our lease is up in June, we should (I need to emphasize SHOULD) be able to move into a townhouse or condo that we, ourselves, own. We just need to keep doing what we've been doing...paying down our credit card bills, keeping our student loans in forbearance, and building up our savings. So, we'll see how that goes in the next 9 months. I am hopeful though.

Monday night I made a yummy homemade hotdish. In a large frying pan I mixed together 1 can of garlic/cream of mushroom soup, 2/3 cup of cooking sherry, 1 envelope of onion soup mix, and 1 cup of sour cream. While this heated up, I cooked egg noodles in a pot of boiling water. Once the soup mixture was warm and bubbly, I added about 25 precooked meatballs. Once the noodles were done, I poured everything into one casserole pan and popped it into the oven for about 30 minutes. It was YUMMY! Very much like beef stronganoff except with meatballs. Try it out and tell me what you think.

Last night I made up mini pizzas. I took a tube of refridgerated bisquits and opened them. I took one at a time out and rolled them out with a rolling pin (This is as complicated as it gets...the rest is easy and fun!) I put each one on a cookie sheet until I filled the sheet with the rolled out bisquits. Then I spread a little bit of olive oil on each "Crust". Then I spooned pizza sauce on each one. Then I sprinkled each one with "pizza seasoning" from our spice rack. Then came the really fun part...adding ingredients. I added pepperoni, mushrooms, precooked sausage, peppers and onions or some combinations of all of them on each crust. Then I sprinkled parmesean cheese over each one and then topped with finely shredded motzerella cheese and baked them in a 400 degree oven for about 8-12 minutes, making sure to keep an eye on them so they didn't burn. Yum! You can adjust the recipe as you want by buying the low fat biscuits, low fat cheese, veggies, tofu, whatever and it will always come out yummy. You can also roll the crust as thin or keep it as thick as you like. It's all up to you. Dinner last night was a big hit with Bob and it can be a fun family meal as everyone can doctor up their own mini pizzas their favorite ways. Try it out this weekend.

Last night I watched Nanny 911. Interesting show. I can't believe the parents of the children on that show though. The kids were completely out of control, hitting, swearing, screaming and whining all the time. Then, when the nanny was there trying to show the parents how to set limits and follow through with consequences, the mother was having a very hard time. She was a hugger and nuturer and didn't want to discipline her kids much as all because she didn't want them to feel badly. But her kids were spoiled and rambunctious and had her manipulated from the word go. Sheesh, if what you're doing isn't working, then try something new people. Sending your child to her room for a time out so she can calm down is NOT abusive. Sheesh.

--------------------------------------- A Year Ago Today: November 04, 2003: Free to a Good Home!

No snow today...mostly melting of snow so the roads are wet which means they will freeze overnight. Not good for commuters.

I JUST found out that the medical supply company is coming over tomorrow afternoon to deliver Sweet Baboo's electric hospital bed. That means we need to get rid of his select comfort full-size, pillow-top air bed before 9:30am tomorrow morning. Do you know anyone who needs a bed and can pick it up tonight or early tomorrow morning? Otherwise itís going on the trashheap. I hate to do that, but our apartment is so small, we have no extra place to store it. So, come and get it!

I have felt all day as if I stink. No, really. I first felt it at home when I was playing with my sweet, sweet kitty, Daisy. I flopped on my bed and this strange smell wafted up from the sheets. Now, I wash our sheets every week and granted, it is the end of the week, but still. Then, when I got out of my car this morning, same thing. And as I sat in my chair at my desk...waft of funk again. I am a clean and tidy person. How could this stink be me? Blech! Tomorrow I will have to be extra diligent to wash my body all over.

Sweet Baboo is fasting today. Not just from food and water, but from TV, the phone, media of all kinds, even from talking. So, when I get home tonight, he will be in another room praying and seeking God's wisdom. I am so proud of him. Heís had some very interesting dreams lately and I think God is preparing him for something good.

We are going to Bucca's on Saturday night with SB's Top Gun group. I look forward to that. Not just because Bucca's has some yummy food, but because these men and their wives are fun people to be around.

Tomorrow I am having coffee with a guy from Twin Cities MDA. Heís a young, on fire guy named Chris. We are going to plan the MDA walk and see how we can gear up for that. It should be interesting. I look forward to it. And donít forget, I'll be recruiting walkers and phone answerers from y'all next summer and fall! Mark it!

Talked to a guy today who said we could get a handicapped equipped van, fully loaded for $37,000! What the heck? Sometimes I wish I could win the lottery just so I can get my husband into some kind of van so he can be independant. Itís no good getting him into a wheelchair if he canít go anywhere. Although, he did admit that a lot of his pain has diminished now that heís in the chair. Yay! He walked from our apartment to his truck and back last night and really noticed the difference in how his body feels versus when he uses the chair. Itís a BIG difference, which is good news as it validates all the doctors were saying about how much better he would do in a chair.

Our kitty Daisy is SUCH a lovebug. This morning I was half awake but she stuck her head under my hand and walked up and down the bed so that my hand caressed her head and body. Then she bumped my forehead with her head and nuzzled all around my face, licking my nose and eyelids. What a bug! Sheís so sweet and mellow. Her sister, on the other hand is sooo mischievious and sassy. But I love them both so much.

Thanks for reading!

6:31 a.m. - Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004


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