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I am the Best Bargain Shopper Ever!

I went to Target last night and found their clearance racks. I had $25 to spend and needed new tops.

I found out that I am now a size 24/2x in some things. An XL in other things and a 1x/22 in yet other things. Weird! But FUN!

I NEED pants too! But the pants I have I can still pin to fit better. I am just seriously low on tops since the last time I went shopping I bought all pants. This time I bought all tops. Eventually, some day I will be all caught up on pants and tops in my size.

Anyway, I came away with the following:
1 turtleneck stripey sweater XL!
1 jersey knit long sleeve t-shirt
1 all cotton white short sleeve shirt
1 knit sweater vest
1 red/pink/white stripe button down shirt.
All this for $29! I had to throw in $4 but it was so worth it! I am so going back for their stripey cardigans when I have $20 extra bucks. Maybe next month when some birthday money shows up. Bob was so impressed with what I got with what I had to spend.

Don't forget that the weekend of December 1st is Kitchenlogic's holiday boutique. If you want to attend and need directions, please email me, leave a note or a comment and I will get the info to you. She has jewelery, there will be scarves, I have crocheted dishclothes, spa clothes and baby washclothes. There will also be hand made wooden inkpens, pottery, soaps, lotions and other wonderful goodies. Wheee!

Well, that's all I have for today. Bob and I are going on a date later today. Yay! I am dating my husband! He is my best guy and I can't wait to be with him out on the town. We're not doing much as we have no cash, but we are good at finding creative cheap dates. So, today, date night! Yay!

************************************** A Year Ago Today: November 20, 2003: By Popular...Demand

Sweet Baboo likes taking the Metro Mobility bus around. He took it to school yesterday and is taking it to work-study today. The only complaint he has is that the buses are usually late and it costs $6.00 round trip each time he takes it anywhere. It can get ot be spendy if he needs it more than a couple of times a week. The nice thing is, when he got his MM ID card, he answered yes to the question if he travels with a personal care attendant. That way, if we need to go somewhere together, I can ride for free as his PCA.

This morning I was talking to Sweet Baboo and eating a bagel with cream cheese. I sat on the couch and put my plate on our coffee table. There was cream cheese on the plate from where it dripped off my bagel. Maisey strutted on by, wagging her tail over my food as she often does, and proceeded to get a tail tip full of cream cheese. We tried to get it off of her so she wouldnít rub her tail up against anything, but she HATES having her tail touched. She didnít even know it was there until I started to leave for work. I caught her grooming the heck out of it as I left the apartment. Silly kitty.

Daisy was kind of sassy this morning as well. She was scooting under the covers to attack and even bit my hand. When she does this, I give her a short scruff on her neck and hiss to notify her of my displeasure. Today when I did this, she accepted the discipline but began to bang her tail on the bed. Then she wasnít so lovely towards me for the rest of the morning. Poor baby doesnít like the discipline. Still, she is sooo cute. This morning, after my alarm went off, but before I got out of bed, she bunted my head with hers and began to lick my ear as through she were grooming me. Her purrs, loud enough to hear over the fan that I have on while I sleep. Sheís such a love. SB and I were commenting on how you could pet this kitty all day long and she would never get enough. Sheís the best.

Today for breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal and a bagel with light cream cheese. SB asked me what kind of meal I would get after the surgery. I had to admit I didnít know. I do know that for the first several week after I will only be eating liquids and purees and soft foods, but after that, I guess it depends on what my body can hold and tolerate. He kind of thought that was a bummer, but I am still all for it. Whatever it takes to get me to where I can tie my shoes without having to sit down and put my feet upÖthatís what Iím talking about!

So, who watched the Bachelor last night. Is Bob G, a doofus or what? I totally thought he was going to pick Kelly Jo. Apparently, so did she. I think he liked her the most, but he isnít really ready to settle down just yet, so he picked the girl who wouldnít push him the most on a commitment. Did you see him NOT propose? Estella drives me crazy with her little girl breathy talk. It will be interesting to see what happens with Bob and Estella. Iím thinkingÖpretty much nothing. I donít think he was really ready to find a wife/soul mate. I think he was offered the opportunity to be the Bachelor and he took it just so he could have the face time with the 25 girls on his own. It was a career move for him. Heís not ready to get married. Thatís why he didnít pick Mary to move forward either. He knew that with her desire for a family, not only would he be tied down in marriage, but with a family soon after. Therefore my theory is that he picked the girl least likely to push him into a commitment right away. Estella and her breathy baby voiceÖbah!

OKÖso the new crock pot is on its way here. Here is the breakdown of where it has been. I know this isnít the most exciting thing in the world to you, but it is to me! Itís been a week and a half since I lost my crock-pot and I canít wait to get the new one fired up.

Nov 20, 2003 06:28:00 AM EAGAN MN US ARRIVAL SCAN


Nov 20, 2003 01:33:00 AM DES MOINES IA US ARRIVAL SCAN

Nov 19, 2003 09:11:00 PM LENEXA KS US DEPARTURE SCAN

Nov 19, 2003 11:33:32 AM LENEXA KS US LOCATION SCAN

Nov 19, 2003 05:44:00 AM LENEXA KS US ARRIVAL SCAN

Nov 18, 2003 09:40:00 PM TULSA OK US DEPARTURE SCAN

Nov 18, 2003 06:29:03 PM TULSA OK US ORIGIN SCAN

Nov 18, 2003 03:11:26 PM Coffeyville KS USA SHIPPED


See??? Itís in MN already! Yay! And per request, here is one of my favorite crock-pot recipes for Beef Stroganoff.

What you will need:

- A package of sliced beef or buy a nice cut of beef and cut it up into bite-sized pieces yourself.

- 1 Cup of cooking sherry

- 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix

- 1 can of Campbellís Cream of Mushroom soup

- 1 cup of sour cream

Brown beef in a tbls of light cooking oil. While meat is browning, stir ingredients into the crock-pot and set on warm. Once beef is browned, strain and stir into crock-pot so the sauce covers beef. Cook on warm or low for 5 to 6 hours. (It will be fine if you prepare it ahead of time and fix it so it will be ready when you get home from work.) Serve over warm egg noodles. Mmmmm, so yummy!

In October, I ordered a new winter jacket. I got an email last week that said it was shipped. Still havenít seen it. Maybe I will get it before the snow flies this weekend. Maybe I wonít. It will be nice to have a new winter jacket, unless I donít get it until March. Catalog ordering is always so hit or miss.

Not much is going on today, so I will leave you to think of you own favorite crock-pot recipe and send it to me.

Thanks for reading.

10:38 a.m. - Saturday, Nov. 20, 2004


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