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Date Day Was a Great Day

Bob and I had a great date. We went to the mall to see a movie. While in the parking lot looking for a parking place, we actually had a disagreement. Why does this ALWAYS happen on date day? But we managed to see it for what it was and worked it out on the way into the mall. Once inside, we got our movie tickets ($13 for the 2 of us for a matinee, y'all!!!!!) and then a quick bite and then went to see The Incredibles.

We were using Bob's manual wheelchair. At this particular theater there are spaces specifically for wheelchairs. The problem is that unless we get there super early, people fill up the seats that are set up next to the wheelchair spaces. So while Bob has a place for his chair, I am not able to sit next to him because other people are sitting next to the wheelchair spaces. This time we were lucky enough to have one couple move down so that we could sit together. It's not a date if we can't sit together.

The Incredibles is super cute! It might be kind of scary for younger kids, but we really enjoyed it. Bob wasn't thrilled when I suggested it, but ended up really liking it. He's so cute.

We really had a great time together. We make sure that date days are lighter and we aren't allowed to talk about money, work, or other stressful topics. It works for us and we end up feeling closer and more in touch with one another and it usually continues for the rest of the day, making the whole day special and sweet and full of those gushy feelings of love and foo fooness.

Try a date day/night for yourselves.

*************************************** A Year Ago Today: November 21, 2003: Embarrassing Moments

Why didn’t I just stay home and stay in bed today?

The day started well with lots of kitty love and husband sweetness. I even managed to clean both litter boxes and vacuum the bathroom and our bedroom before leaving for work. Oh! And I put brand new, crisp, clean sheets on Sweet Baboo’s bed. When I ordered our brand new crock-pot, I saw a set of manly looking sheets on clearance, so I ordered those as well. You may remember reading that SB has a twin sized hospital bed and we didn’t have any twin sized sheets, so we were making due. Not anymore! Now we just have to save for a twin sized blanket and bedspread.

Embarrassing moment #1: I pulled into the parking garage of my building at work. Just as I turned off my car, I sneezed a huge shnoz-blower. As I sneezed, I felt my behind release a little poo. I ran into the building as fast as I could and got myself into a bathroom right away. As fast as I was, I was not able to beat the heresy squirts. I cleaned up as best as I could and am now going commando and hoping for more control should I have such a sneeze again today.

Embarrassing moment #2: I was talking with a guy at work today. He’s a manager and he is funny and smart and kind of a smart alec. He is known as a teaser, so we have been known to joke and josh a bit through out the day. Today, he came by my cube to tell me about a case he had helped me work on. (Important Info: There is a gal in the cube next to mine with the same name as me.) I told him that he was very smart and I meant it in a good way, not in the teasingly mean way Aimee said it yesterday. He laughed and said he knew I meant it nicely…that I wasn’t mean like Aimee. As he said this, my boss came out of her office and said, “No, Amy isn’t mean…she just sucks up to you hoping it will get her somewhere.” And then she left with smart alec guy for lunch. I was left with my jaw hanging open. Was this a slip up on her part? Something she said on the spur of the moment to be funny? Something she will regret saying later as it plays through her head over and over? Or is this how she see me? Or was she talking about the other Aimee? I don’t know, but I was embarrassed and hurt. Maybe I should talk to her about it. Maybe she doesn’t give too hoots and won’t remember saying it. I don’t know.

Thank God it’s Friday. Here is The Friday Five!

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.

a.) Get our Christmas letter out

b.) Have info on whether or not Vocational Rehab can help us get a van

c.) Join Weight Watchers

d.) Be ahead in our finances

e.) Pick up my knitting again…or crocheting

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again.

a.) Julie Brand…my best friend from Kindergarten and first grade

b.) Amy Kalitzke…a friend from 7th grade

c.) Rachelle Luchtenberg…a friend from high school

d.) Brent Peterson…a friend from college

d.)Bryan Ogg…One of my best friends ever

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.

a.) Knit a sweater

b.) Garden in planters…we face North and have lots of shade

c.) Train our cats to get along and love each other

d.) Build things like houses, but also like furniture and cabinets

e.) Speak Spanish

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).

a.) Give to our church as well as to the other ministries we support

b.) Buy Sweet Baboo a handicapped accessible van and house

b.) Put trusts in all our nieces and nephews names for college

c.) Pay every one of our bills, including what we owe our families and friends

e.) Travel while we still can

5. List five things you do that help you relax.

a.) Read

b.) Pray

c.) Take a long, hot, soaky bubble bath

d.) Listen to music

e.) Write

I checked on the progress of my crock-pot and the tracking information indicates that it has been delivered! Yay! When I get home tonight, I can unpack my brand new crock-pot and prepare something yummy for dinner tomorrow night. Here’s one more crock-pot recipe for y’all.

Swiss Steak (via my mother)

What you will need: 1 package of ground round, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, flour, and a can of beef gravy.

Spray a large frying pan with Pam cooking spray. Either melt some ICBINB or use the spray bottle. Cut meat into manageable portions and coat each piece in ICBINB. Then coat each piece in flour and place in frying pan. Brown each piece and place into a warm crock-pot. Poor a can of beef gravy over the meat and cook on low for 6-8 hours. You can also add carrots and potatoes for a ready-made meal. It’s yummy!

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Our weather people are telling us we could get up to a foot of snow this weekend, Sunday into Monday. But then they cover their behinds and say that the computer models have been known to be wrong before, so maybe we’ll only get a light dusting of snow. One weather guy even went so far to say that the images he’s bringing up remind him of the Halloween blizzard of…’93, I think it is. We’ll see. Usually when the weather people whip us up into a frenzy of snow anticipation, we see little to no snow. It’s when they aren’t expecting accumulation that we get the big winter storm dumping piles of the fluffy white stuff on us. By Monday, you should know if we’ve been snowed in or not.

Thanks for reading.

7:47 a.m. - Sunday, Nov. 21, 2004


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