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Mid-Birthday Check In

Mid-birthday check-in.

First of all, let me say a BIG thank you to Kathy at Kitchen Logic for her generous gift of my Super Gold membership. She said she got it for me on Sunday but I didn't notice until today that it was back. Duh! Proves how observant I am, huh? Anyway, she is now the proud owner of dishcloths for life from me as a thank you.

I received a couple of cards yesterday with checks, so thanks to my mommy and grandma for those! (Hand written thank yous on their way.) Thanks, too, to my mom for posting in comments what day I was born...I always forget since I was too little to remember. Hee.

This morning I brought a plate of Christmas cookies to my local Caribou Coffee house. I decided that since it's my birthday, instead of expecting blessings, I am just going to bless. So I came in with the cookies and handed them to the barista and told her they were for the workers there today because it's Christmas and my birthday. You should have seen how excited they all got! Just for some cookies. Then they gave me my Chai tea for free! But I put what I would have paid for it plus tip into their tip jar, so it all worked out in the end. That was fun.

Then I brought another plate of cookies to work and emailed my area to come and get it. They were gone by lunch.

There was a card and a gift on my desk when I got here. The card was from my boss's former boss and the gift was from the "prima donna" I wrote about this morning. She may not be a team player, but she bought me a nice votive holder, so hey! I can let bygones be bygones. My boss sang happy birthday to me.

At lunch, my husband surprised me by showing up to eat lunch with me. He had flowers with him, so now I have a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on my desk. (Shopping hint for Mpls residents: If you live near an Aldis grocery store, you can often find fairly nice bouquets of flowers for well over half the price florists and regular grocery stores charge. Check them out.)

Oh! And in the mail yesterday I received a Christmas card from my long lost friend Bryan! No note or anything. Just a card, with his new address and signed by him. So, no word on why he dropped out of sight for so many years, but it was still nice to get the card from him. He lives near Chicago now, which was always a dream for him, so that's good too!

So, that's the day as it's gone so far. I am still looking for ways of blessing others, too. Oh! I gave the expectant mother in our office a pink rose as she left for her check-up in hopes that her baby will be born today. She thinks it's a boy, but we all think it's a girl, so the pink rose was significant.

Hope you are all having a great day too!

1:41 p.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2004


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