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Hoping Today Is a Better Day

Days like yesterday make it hard to go back to work. As nice as my birthday was, and as relaxing...yesterday was a bucket of cold water thrown in my face...quite a shock.

I got to work and one of the data team had called in sick. Since this will be my new job, I was told to take her job over for the day. But then one of our phone team members called and said she was waiting for a furnace repairman and would be in when he was done. And then one of our other phone team members didn't show up. He had asked off a while ago but my boss hadn't written it down. So, we were down 3 people. And then the gal who was expecting her baby...was in the hospital trying to have it, so we were down 4 people. Then it became apparent that the phones were going to be quite busy. So they pulled me off of data team and put me on phones and it just went in a constant, unrelenting stream until 5. And the bankers I spoke with were not just crabby or out of sorts, but were completely snotty. And oh the fires. So many fires to put out. Why do people wait until the last minute to get things done? Anyway, it was a bad day...for most of us at work yesterday and we all hope for better today.

Bob and I got our Christmas letters folded, stuffed and stamped last night. They are out 2 days later than I like to have them out, but they are finally out.

I got the nicest card from my mother-in-law yesterday and that was a treat to come home to. Thanks Barb! Oh, and a very nice card from my brother too. Thanks Huff! I have a nice little pile of birthday money to go clothes shopping with now and that is a treat indeed.

Bob heated up our leftovers from the Cheesecake factory and made me dinner and that was nice. I capped the evening with a nightcap with our neighbor Becky and was never so ready for bed in my life.

Today I hope to find out if the gal in our office expecting a baby has had her baby yet or not. Can't wait to find out!

Tonight I have to get my B12 shot and I am going to MAKE them really listen to my chest and to try and think of something they can give me to stop all the coughing. It's been almost 3 weeks of coughing and today my voice is almost gone. Which might be a godsend as it might actually keep me off of the phone team! Whoot!

Tomorrow night is Christmas shopping, Saturday is Bob's family's Christmas party and Sunday is my dad's family's Christmas party.

Next week I am thrown into my new position and I don't feel ready. Training has been sporadic because of events like yesterday that throw me back on the phones when I need to be in training. And next week a lot of people will be gone for the week, so if I mess up or need help, I am up a creek. Yikes! It should be very interesting.

************************************** About A Year Ago Today: December 15, 2003: Cat Stories and Thatís About All

Hey you guys! Thanks for the many birthday wishes. It was a good day overall.

Today is gray and cold and foggy with 2 to 4 inches of snow expected overnight. Itís a long cold winter ahead.

Not much new to write about today. Oh! Other than this...Sweet Baboo called me to tell me that our less than affectionate kitty, Maisey has been hanging out on his lap almost all day! He said her ears were cold when she jumped up on him. Then she curled up in a ball and slept on him for over an hour. After she woke up, she groomed herself (and SB) a little and then just stayed on his lap. I wonder if she is cold and realizes how warm SB's lap is. He wonders if sheís feeling OK. This is the cat that loves to be in the same room with everyone, but hates being touched, held or otherwise adored. Will wonders never cease?

I was thinking about our cutlery this morning and how we recieved almost all of it from our wedding registry. Itís a nice Oneida non-pattern. Itís plain and simple...alot like us. But we do have one or 2 stray pieces that have wandered into our silverware drawer. I donít like the stray pieces so much, but we got the basics when we married and the basics donít seem to carry us all the way through the week, so the strays come in handy. When we were little, we had a couple of stray spoons in our drawer and my brother and I used to fight over which of us would get to eat with a certain patterned spoon. I remember really liking that spoon and its pattern. It seemed modern and sleek compared to the swirly, floral pattern of our regular set. Itís one of those memories I had lost that just came back to me today. Now I miss that spoon, even though I am not so fond of the strays in our silverware drawer now. *sigh*

My dad told me he knows a woman who had the WL surgery and is really happy with the results. He sent me her email and phone info, so I emailed her today. I hope to correspond with her so I can get an idea of what to expect in the coming months.

Sweet Baboo is ringing bells for the people with the red buckets. He likes to do this once or twice a year for them since we aren't able to donate a lot to them. Plus, heís such a great people person...everyone loves him.

Our little kitty Daisy is a chewer! I've never met a cat like her before. She chews on stuff like a puppy would. She has chewed SB's Bi-Pap hoses all to pieces. But last night I had the brilliant idea to put my plastic laundry basket over it all and now she canít reach the hoses to chew on them. I had to order another round of hoses though as she had already gotten to the ones we covered up before hand. I wonder what our insurance company thinks we are doing with all the plastic hoses.

So, Thatís about it for today kiddos. Thanks for tuning in.

6:33 a.m. - Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004


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