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Things Are Coming Together.

A couple of minor complaints.

ABC: running reruns of LOST and telling us that they are our chance to see them again and catch the "clues" is fooling NO ONE! Please get back to the regularly scheduled showing of new shows immediately or I will have to find a new favorite show. SOB.

Caribou Coffee: You should make it a rule that people can only order 1 specialty coffee drink at a time. Because when I'm late for work and there are only 3 people ahead of me and I think Yay! But when 2 of the 3 are ordering not only drinks for them, but drinks for 3 other people too, that just frustrates the heck out of me. Arrrrgggg!

So, last night I walked 1 mile in 20 minutes on the treadmill in our apartment's workout room. It was OK. 2 minutes into my walk, the door opened and the tiniest blond in workout gear asked huffily when I would be done and flounced off when I told her I had just started. Sorry. They have 4 bikes in the room, but only 1 treadmill. They should think about aquiring another, I guess.

Also, I found out that my bariatric clinic has an exercise support group that meets every Tuesday and once you get your Doctor's OK, the leader will help you customize a workout made just for you! She also called me today to tell me she would help me come up with a training schedule for the 17 mile walk I want to do in May.

Oh! And I also got some good ideas on how to turn this into a fundraiser for a van for Bob. Check out these suggestions:
-A website would to promote in
a lot of different places that
you could not reach with
flyers. A website with a name
-Send the story around your home
-get on e-mail prayer circles
-Set up a fund at a bank or
through a service organization.
It might be helpful to keep it
from sounding like a scam if you
get your hometown Lions Club or
Rotary Club to help spearhead it
for you.
-You would be well served to get
a group to hold your money and
give you their expertise.
-The earlier you start, the more
buzz you'll get.
-It will help if you have a
picture of the van you want and
a price to focus on. The other
thing that will help will be
pictures of you and Bob.
-I would address the issue of
your surgery so that people
don't just think, "Well, she had
enough money for her surgery,
why can't she find any for her
husband" or that sort of thing.
You don't have to say much.

Good ideas, no? Now I just need to get a list of service organizations from my home town and see if any of them would be interested in working with me. Whee!

Sandy...interested in helping with a website? Diaryland is about all I can afford right now, but if we create it like a diary it could work to our advantage. Of if anyone has any other ideas and knows of free domain hosting, let me know.

The other night at church, one of my women friends came up to me and said that while she's been praying for Bob and I to become parents, she sees becoming parents in an untraditional way. She said she sees us as house parents or orphanage directors. I said that's funny because that is a dream that Bob and I share. And our church is building an orphanage in Mexico that we would LOVE to work at. It's been something we haven't really told anyone, so it was interesting that she would bring that up to me that way. Neat.

If we were to ever do that, we would have to pay off all our bills. Maybe that is one of the reasons why buying a house has yet to work out? Who knows. But it's something I would totally jump at the chance to do, should it ever be offered.

Oh and in a clarification of yesterday's entry and the whole working out in the nude thing, I usually don't, but since I sleep in the buff and then shower and dress for work, I just didn't feel like getting dressed twice in one morning. It was purely due to laziness and not because I am kinky or anything. Hee. But Bob sure liked it. Ha!

Tonight after work I am stopping by the library to see if they have any books on tape/CD. I figure that will help me exercise longer, if I am engrossed in a good story or something.

Also, if any of you know where I can get a good walking/workout schedule, let me know. Thanks!

I have 15 weeks before the walk and if I'm diligent and stick to it, I think I can do this. I have never attempted anything like this before and am a little scared. I rarely set goals because if I fail, in the beginning, to meet any of my goals, I just give up. I don't want to do that this time. I just don't. Bob is going to help me too! Tonight he is going to go to the workout room with me and keep me company. Yay!

1:15 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 28, 2005


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