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Those With Dial-Up Beware...Photo Heavy Entry

On May first, I am going to be walking a walk for the March of Dimes because I am all about the babies. Today in the U.S., 1 in every 8 babies will be born prematurely. Some of them won't survive, and others will have health problems that could last a lifetime. The funds we raise in WalkAmerica support research that saves babies' lives. The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and infant mortality. Here's how you can help me to help The March of Dimes:
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Go here to pledge money to my walk. Thanks to everyone who helps out this very important cause.

The other night I dreamt (dreamed?)that I was best friends with Amanda Bines (Biens?). I was a senior in high school, dating her older brother who was a freshman in college. She and I were both cheerleaders at our school and the single dad raising her, her older brother and her younger brother was Christopher Meloni. It was quite the dream.

I walked to work yesterday and lucky you, I photo-documented my walk. Ready? Captions are under each photo.
This is how much gas was yesterday morning. The morning before it was $2.39! This morning it was $2.19.

This is the hill I have to climb every morning. It doesn't look very big in this photo, but it sure feels big during a walk or bike ride. I still can't ride my bike up it.

This is a little bird's nest I see every morning but have yet to see evidence of birds residing there.

I left early enough that it was still dark, so i got to watch the sun rise.

There are lots and lots of swampy areas around where I live and work. This is one of them.

A view of the interstate traffic and our watertower. The mall (not The Maul of America) is right by that watertower.

This is early morning rush. I don't have to deal with it at all since I walk. Even if I do drive, I take back or frontage roads.

This is the sun rising. The dark building on the left is where I work.

One of my neighborhood Carribou Coffee Places.

The gal who takes my order and my money most mornings.

The guy who makes my Chai most mornings. I think his name is Matt or Mark. He sings songs for all the patrons.

Right outside of the coffee house is another swampy area. I was trying to get a picture of a duck swimming there and almost got caught up on this. The duck flew away before I could snap his pic.

This is the beautiful blue sky and a plane trail.

Another sunrise photo. Me trying to be artsy fartsy.

This is the sunrising over the interstate and next to the building where I work.

I just liked how the light glowed on the grass and also how there was frost showing just a bit.

The building where I work.

This is my cube. Where I spend many, many hours every day. By the end of the business day yesterday, I had logged 41 hours. Today's hours are just icing on the old overtime cake!

Another view of my cube.

I took this on my walk home. These poor commuters have to sit at the stoplights, waiting for the green before they can join the others en masse on the interstate. I didn't feel too badly for them though. I was outside enjoying the 70 degree weather!

These waterfowl were enjoying the day too. This is yet another swampy area nearby. Soon, I'll be seeing baby geese and ducks on my walk home.

This is Bob coming to meet me on my walk home.

Here is Bob making a face because he hates having his picture taken. He's the BEST!

I rode my bike today. It's supposed to be warmer today than it was yetserday, but I should have checked the temp before I left the house. I wore my jacket, but I also was wearing capris and sandles and about froze my legs and feet off at the knees! Brrr! It was only 45 degrees out this morning! But I'm comfy now and will really enjoy the ride home.

Can't wait for after work today. It's the weekend and my parents are going to be here. I will only see them a little bit, but that's better than nothing. Whee! The weekend!

Less than 2 weeks before orientation for school!

oh! Last night we put our cat Maisey outside on her harness and leash and our other cat, Daisy, acted like she really wanted to go out and join her. So I hooked Daisy up with a harness all her own and set her outside and you would have thought the world had ended. She lowered herself as low as she could get to the ground, tucked her tail under her, flattened her ears and slunk back to the screen door and cried pitifully. It's as though we are punishing her by putting her outside. When she is in the house, she loves nothing more than watching the birds at our feeder through the screen door. But once outside, she freaks out. I don't know if she was traumatized outside at some point in her life, but she's the only cat I've ever had that didn't try to escape or want to be outside.

Have a great weekend!

2:07 p.m. - Friday, Apr. 08, 2005


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