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Just 25 Minutes Until We Hit The Road!

Things were crazy at work today. Made all the more crazy in my mind because I wonít be here tomorrow and Monday and I had to make sure all my tasks would be covered and all the fires Iíd been working on putting out would be taken care of as well. However, it is almost time to go home and that means it is almost time to hit the road. Whoot!

Today was NOT without aggravation though. The anniversary announcement I had paid for in my parentís hometown paper was not run. The open house invitation was run and it was correct, so at least that much was done right. About a month ago, I sent an email with an open house announcement and invitation, an anniversary announcement, and a photo. I paid for all three to be run and they only ran the one thing. My mom emailed them yesterday when she got the town Shopper and only the open house announcement was there. She emailed me today when she got the paper and saw only the open house announcement. I called them right away and the administrative chick said they were JUST talking about what to do. She said they had been confused and thought we just wanted the open house announcement in. Yeah, right. That is why I included the anniversary announcement and the photo AND why I paid for them all to run in both the shopper and the paper. It is not as if I did not include my email address and phone number in my correspondence with them either. Arrrrg! They said they would run the photo and the anniversary announcement in next weekís paper as a concession. Fine, but thatís 4 days AFTER the anniversary. Oh well, at least they got the open house thing in there and it was correct. I hope that is the only thing that will go wrong this weekend.

I am about as excited for the fundraiser on Sunday as I am for the party for my parents on Saturday. We MAY even get to stay at the casino hotel on Sunday night! It is kind of up in the air right now though as it looks like the hotel overbooked and MFI is having trouble finding space for their corporate sponsors. We will know more by Saturday afternoon. Even if we do not stay there, we will still have a great time. Bob is nervous, understandably. I know he will do well. I am so proud of him. If any of you have been thinking of donating to MFI on Bobís behalf, here is the contact info: 621 W. Lake Street, Suite 305
Minneapolis, MN 55408, Telephone: (612)825-1845, Fax: (612)825-1894, Website:, Marianne Grossman, Chair: Thanks in advance. You certainly do not need to get it in by SundayÖthis is a long process. We have to raise half of the money ourselves and $10,000 is a lot to raise at any period of time.

I donít know how many people sent in applications on Bobís behalf to the new NBC show Three Wishes, but we have yet to hear boo from them, so who knows. Apparently, our story is not compelling or needy enough. Maybe we do not make for good TV.

I found several good websites with tutorials on container gardening. Plus I have a nearby nursery I will go to for help. But it seems you can grow ANYTHING as long as you have a big enough container with good enough drainage and that you water everything daily. Also, you must make sure to have a trellis or round wire thing-y if you grow vine-y type things like the tomatoes, cucumbers and beans or peas.So, I think in the spring I will plant peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and maybe some beans or peas. I might also like to try eggplant and garlic.Bob wants me to plant corn, but I think that might be the one thing thatís not practical for container gardening. I also want to plant some bulbs when we move. I plan on putting the containers in the corners of our balcony and then buying hanging flower boxes to hang off our railings for flowers/bulbs/herbs. I hope it ends up looking pretty and not too jungle-y. Maybe Iíll also grow some catnip for our kitties! The thought of having such a garden thrills me to no end! I hope I can pull it off. I have NEVER gardened before. Yikes!

An aside to ďLapĒ, we MUST make it a priority to meet soon. You make me laugh in print and it makes me want to hang with you. And besides, youíre pretty!

4:26 p.m. - Thursday, Aug. 18, 2005


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