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Packing Procrastination

Do you ever need some motivation to clean your house and your cat box? I know I sure did earlier today. Know what propelled me to clean the cat boxes, bathroom, kitchen and vacuum the carpets in less than 25 minutes? A call from our apartment manager asking if she could show the apartment. She said they could come by in 10 minutes or in 30. Ummm, 30 please. I kicked it into high gear and was just finishing the vacuuming when she knocked. But it's done now. Now, on to packing.

I did manage to get my journalism article written and turned in by 8pm last night. Hope that's good enough. Man, may that never happen again.

I have gotten a lot done today. I saw Bob and his friend Scott off to their men's conference. Then I watched CNN for a couple of hours to check in on the progress of the hurricane relief effort. After that, I went to the gas station, grocery store, post office, and liquor store (to get boxes, not liquor...this time). I stopped at 2 stores. One only let me take 5 boxes, the other let me take as many as I wanted. So I took 5. That's about all I can carry at one time. Plus 10 boxes should be good enough for this weekend. Oh! While at the gas station, I had to use the bathroom. I walked boldly to the door, opened it and caught an elderly man mid-hand wash. Thank God it wasn't mid-anything else. He had forgotten to lock the door. D'oh!

I got home and began to wash the dishes, clean out our refridgerator, and make dinner. I made chicken parmesan. I put marinara sauce in the crockpot, coated chicken in egg and a mixture of Italian flavored bread crumbs and parmesan cheese and then cooked them in hot olive oil until they were browned. Then I added them to the marinara sauce in the crockpot to cook. When I serve them, I will add a piece of motzerella cheese to each and coat them in sauce. Mmmmmm.

I should be packing, but I am here writing and reading diaries. Hey, do me a favor will ya? Go to my profile and click on Hiss's diary link and leave her an encouraging word to help her get through the death of her beloved doggie, Patch. Thanks.

1:51 p.m. - Saturday, Sept. 10, 2005


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