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Just Tell Me So I Know

Oh so tired this morning. Soooooo tired. I slept too late yesterday morning. We stayed home from church because Supe had a super sore throat and we didn't want to pass on any yucky bugs to our friends at church. Then, I stayed up too late reading last night and now I am soooo tired. It doesn't help that I have my period. The first 2 days of that just wipe me out like nothing else. And this is the week my sleep schedule is going to be all messed up because Tuesday and Thursday I have to work from 8-5 while MOnday, Wednesday, and Friday I work from 10-7.

Last night I began reading the Mary Jo Copeland biography I was given as a birthday gift. She is often called the Mother Theresa of Minnesota and I have long been interested in her life story. As I was reading, Supe came in to rub my back in order to settle me into sleepiness a little better. As he rubbed, I began to read excerpts from the book to him. After a while, I ended up just reading to him as his rubbed me. We agreed it was a nice way to spend the evening hours, so we agreed to make a date for tonight to do the same thing. Yay!

We didn't get much snow over the weekend but it did get COLD! Our high today is supposed to be 5. 5 degrees as our HIGH! Madison did get snow though...finally. I heard it was so bad as to produce white out conditions. I heard on the news that there was a huge car accident on one of the main interstates and of course I got nervous, wondering if any of my family or friends were hurt. Haven't heard anything, so am assuming all I love are well.

That is not the case for one young married couple in MN this morning. If you don't live here, you may not have heard, but 3 young sisters died traveling to their brother's wedding. All were to be bridesmaids, all were teens...I think their ages were 19, 17, 13...and all died. Only 1 had a seatbelt on. They hit a minivan head on and the passangers of the minivan were all injured, but none died. The wedding was Saturday and went on as planned (Well, not as planned, but it went on) and the funeral for the girls is Wednesday. I just can't imagine how incredebly sad that wedding must have been. It's the saddest story I've heard in a while and I can't stop thinking about the grief this family must be dealing with. They lost half their family members in one fell swoop. I guess what happened was the 17 year old was driving and tried to pass a slower vehicle on a 2 lane hwy when she hit the minivan head on. I say it again, a little patience goes a long way. There is no where that you have to be that is so important for you to drive recklessly. Not that the girl was driving recklessly. They were unfamilial with the area and the terrain as they were there from out of town for the wedding. It's just so sad and makes no sense at all.

Ummm...I just can't end today's entry on that sad's another nephew story to lighten the mood. One day my mom and I were taking care of my nephews. We had eaten and had visited the park and mom and I decided to just drive around for a bit to enjoy the warm sunshine and each other's company. This did not sit well with my oldest nephew who was probably 4 at the time. He wanted to know where we were going. I told him we were just driving. He got more and more frustrated until he finally just cried out, "If you would tell me, then I would know!" Ah yes, wouldn't we all. Just tell me so I know.

Also, thanks to my brother who wrote me to tell me I was a football dork yesterday when I was rooting for the Falcons to beat the Packers when in all actuallity, I should have been rooting for the Seahawks since that's who they were playing. Doh! Perhaps that's why they lost. I wondered why they didn't have much red on their uniforms. Can you tell I wasn't paying that much attention to the game? I just didn't want the Pack to win. DOH!

8:33 a.m. - Monday, Jan. 05, 2004


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