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It's still cold change there.

Tonight we are all supposed to go out after work to say goodbye and support my co-worker, who I've officially named, The Babysitter. Normally, it would be fun to be out with the gang from work. But this event is not looking so fun. No one wants to go. It seems that the Babysitter is burning some bridges as she travels the path to Big Bank Co Investments. She told someone around here that she is glad she is leaving since we are ALL so hard to work with. Ummm...don't you think that if EVERYONE you work with is hard to work with, it's not EVERYONE that's really hard to work with? Huh? Exactally. Anyway, we'll see what happens. I don't exactally want to go either, but it might be one of those things we have to suck up and do.

More thoughts on American Idol. There have been more than one contestant who has fallen flat on their face and been sent home without the ticket to Hollywood, only to tell all of America that they expected more, because afterall, they have a good heart! Oh! Oh! Well, if that's the case, by all means, come! Come and become America's new Idol. You, the one with no talent, no projection, no enunciation or diction or breath control! Yes, you! Come and sing your silly ditties and transfix all of America with YOUR GOOD HEART! Maybe President Bush will be watching the show one night and maybe he will see YOUR GOOD HEART. And then maybe he will send you to the Middle East where you can sing and dance and show YOUR GOOD HEART. And Saddam will see you and will be so in awe of YOUR GOOD HEART that he will divulge the location of the WMD. And Osama will see YOUR GOOD HEART and will be broken immediately into a fit of humilty and he will give himself up for the bettment of human kind. All of this because you tried out for American Idol and had a GOOD HEART!

Why oh why do these people need to receive praise and validation from Randy, Paula and Simon if, as they say, they are good people with good hearts? Also, if you truly have talent and are looking to make it into show business, this is not the only way to do it. Most people find that it takes years of work and effort and paying their dues. Why not try that? It has worked for many others...why not you?

Just some thoughts I felt compelled to pass along.

Dear Banker, when you call me looking for information concerning a certain policy or policyholder, please have the social security, policy number or application number handy. It wastes my time to have you "go look it up." What information did you think I would need? Seriously, if you need something, I am here to help you, but please help me to help you by being ready with the info you should know I will need. Sheeeesh!

Total ounces of water taken on so far today: 62++...whoo hoo and so far, no soda!

It is so dry in the building where I work that I have had a bloody nose on each nostril today alone.

1:51 p.m. - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2004


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