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Winter Carnival Fun Begins Today

It's Winter Carnival time here in the Twin Cities. I am not one to really enjoy the outdoors during the winter time here in Minnesota. I tend towards hibernating rather than skiing, skating and snowshoeing. But, in St. Paul, they have built a winter palace and I want to venture out into this bitter cold to go see it. From photos, it looks beautiful. The only thing I worry about is finding accessible parking for Supe and seeing if the paths are clear enough for his chair. I think we may venture from our cozy den in order to see what all the fuss is about. Check out the webpage to see what's going on these next few weeks: Winter Canival Schedule

It's snowing here now, which does help put one in the mood of enjoying winter and the calm peacefulness of newly fallen snow. Ahhhhh.

The radio show I listen to in the morning has a segment called Happy Boy. The host, Ian Punnett has 2 boys, so during his show, he plays this song and gives some words of wisdom to his boys as they travel to school. I LOVE this song. It's by the Beat Farmers and I guess was featured in Dumb and Dumber. I wish there was a way to get just that one song without having to get a whole albumn...anyone know how? If you live in the Twin Cities, listen to FM107 between 7:30 and 8:00 to hear Happy Boy.

Supe is loving school. He is so excited that he is hoping to take 4 or more classes next quarter. He is enjoying this experience so much. He got an A and a B for the classes he took last quarter and was soooo pleased with himself. He said that is the first A he ever had! He's like a little boy sometimes. I am really proud of him. He is just blossoming under the care and teaching of the instructors at ministry training school.

As I continue to read through the bariatric preparation booklet, I am learning more and more. I will need to take vitamins and supplements every day for the rest of my life. Specifically I will need to watch my iron intake so I don't get anemia and calcium so I don't get osteoporosis. I will need to take a multivitamin with minerals and iron, a B12 supplement and a calcium with vitamin D supplement every day for the rest of my life. Most likely, I will have to take a sugar-free chewable or liquid multi-vitamin, a sugar-free sublingual B12, and probably Viativ or Caltrate. Did you know that Gastric bypass patients absorb calcium citrate better? They do because it does not need much stomach acid to be absorbed. I cannot take these vitamins on an empty stomach. I cannot take calcuim and iron at the same time...they must be taken at least 4 hours apart. I will also have to have my vitamin levels checked once a year for the rest of my life. That's not such a big deal as I have a physical every year anyway.

Along with the vitamins and minerals, I will need to get off my butt and exercise. If I can get started now, I will be in better health for surgery and will lose weight easier as well too. Especially after the surgery, exercise will help my recovery. Also, when my body realizes how rapidly my weight is decreasing, it will try to hold onto the stores of fat to prevent startvation. When this happens, my body will burn muscle mass and keep the stored fat. That is why it is so important to exercise so my metabolism increases and my body burns up the excess fat instead of the muscle mass. Not to mention strenthing my heart and bones. I should exercise for 35-40 minutes each day. So, good motivations there, huh?

I ended up not going out with the gang from work last night. I get off an hour after they do and by the time quitting time came around, I just felt like heading for home. Besides, this co-worker was so particullarily hard to work with and made it clear there is no love lost between her and me and the rest of our co-workers. Not a lot of motivation to see her off with love and best wishes. Lest you think I'm a cad, I did get her a nice card and a little memento and wished her well before she left work last night.

Dear NBC,

When you make a special effort to tout the final season of Friends and make special mention of a FULL HOUR OF FRIENDS in your promos, please don't show a FULL HOUR OF RERUNS! Sheesh!

Trin...I did it! I made a hyper link. Thanks for the help! You are a great teacher.


A Year Ago Today: January 23, 2003 Mental Health and New Glasses

I called in sick to work yesterday. I wasnít sick in the conventional sense of the term, but I definitely needed a mental health day.

I slept in until 10:30! Felt so good! Got up, took a shower and worked on the scarf/boa I am crocheting for my mom and just lolled about. At about 3:30, my husband picked me up from the apartment and we went to eat a late lunch and go grocery shopping.

I gotta say, when we go to the grocery store together, we are soooo naughty! We only intended to pick up a few items. Yeah...$200 later! What? They were having a special on chuck roasts! Anyway, it feels good to have a full larder as they used to say.

We are taking my husbandís Aunt J and Uncle C out for dinner tomorrow night. They are the sweetest people! They gave us our honeymoon for a wedding present and it was, without a doubt, the best wedding gift we received. They have a seasonal time-share at a resort in Northern MN and they gave their week to us! It rocked! Nice place, on a lake, great weather and scenery. We had a blast. Since then, we try to do stuff with J and C on a semi-regular basis. I am looking forward to tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I have to clean our apartment because they are coming over after dinner and have not yet seen the new place. (Although we have been there for almost 4 months.) I am almost done with the quadrant cleaning. I have to clean the kitchen and vacuum the main living area and then I am done! Woo hoo! This means I do not have to clean over the weekend. It kind of sucks to work full time all week and then have your weekend used up with cleaning, laundry, bills, etc. My husband does do a good job in keeping up with a lot of that stuff. But cleaning isnít quite his forte. He just doesnít see the dirt that I see so I always end up doing everything over anyway.

So Iím back at work today and Itís been OK. My bosses have been gone which has been nice, but I hope they donít come in on Monday and raise Cain that I was out yesterday. Also, things have been kind of tense on them lately as far as the business and production goes, and they tend to take it out on those around them. Since I tend to be around them the most, the take it out on me a lot. Not looking forward to Monday.

But I am looking forward to Thursday. I have an eye appointment and am getting new glasses. It is about time as the ones I have now are about done. I got them at Wally World when I did not have much money or vision insurance. Now that I have a better salary and vision insurance, I can get a better pair of specs! Woo hoo! Not excited about the glaucoma test though. I have an aversion to all eye things. Canít stick my finger in my eye, hence no contact lenses. Hate that puff of air they use to check for glaucoma!

I also canít wait until next month when my knitting lessons start! Woo hoo! Hey...I should post photos of my crocheting projects here. Hmmm. I think I will.

Have an excellent day.

7:34 a.m. - Friday, Jan. 23, 2004


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