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The Story of Mr. Tree

I forgot how much work Weight Watchers is. All that writing, looking up points, and logging. This morningís breakfast took me 15 full minutes to log. I know it gets easier, I just forgot this part of it all. What I do like are the reminders to drink enough water and milk and get all my fruits and veggies in for the day. I am visual and delight in checking the boxes off for each.

I know you know itís cold here in MN, but it is cold even for us. Itís 10:30am and the regular temp is 12 below zero. The high today is supposed to be -2. It gets worse. Fridayís high temp? -4! Thatís as warm as it is going to get. -4 degrees. But by Saturday we are expecting a real heat wave with a high of 7 degrees! Whoo hoo! 7 whole degrees above 0! Tomorrow night is our work event. Itís taking place at some camp where there will be outdoor winter activities. I will be by the fire, enjoying a nice toddy or Irish hot chocolate.

Also, my parents left today for their Caribbean cruise. Nice time to leave. We got a dump load of snow and then the bitter cold temps set in. I hope they enjoy it.

I am knitting a scarf for my mother. It is going to be beautiful. I am using eyelash yarn and another funky strand with it. Itís kind of difficult because of the way itís all made up. But once itís done, it will rock!

Today I thought I would tell you the story of Mr. Tree.

When my family moved to the town they live in now, we bought a small house that sat in front of a drainage culvert. Though it didnít drain as much as it collected and seeped. So, one day the city workers came in and dug up the culvert in order to make it drain more than seep. My mother and I thought we would take a walk down my the new culvert to see if there would be any noticeable difference. What we noticed right away was that in the wake of their backhoes and bulldozers were chopped up foliage and vegetation. As we walked, we noticed a tree uprooted and laying on its side, but fully intact. I wanted to save it and see if it would grow in our yard. Mom was skeptical, but willing to try it. We hefted the tree between us and hiked it back to our yard. Mom dug a hole, we placed the tree in it and watered it daily, faithfully. I named the tree Mr. Tree and checked on it often. Low and behold, he took root and grew!

Soon after that, I went off to college and the following summer, my parents moved. I would often drive by our old house to check on Mr. Tree and was pleased to see him growing and flourishing. He was no longer part of the landscape of the drainage ditch, he was now landscape for the yard. He got big and his branches provided shade to the back yard. I was pleased with saving a tree from the senseless carnage of the backhoes.

Fast forward several years to November of 2000. I brought my boyfriend, SuperBoyfriend, home to meet my family for the first time. Over the course of the weekend, I drove him around our little berg, showing him the monuments of my life while growing up there. One of the stops we made was to my old house, the one we very first lived in when we moved to this little town. I drove by slowly, pointing out the window that was my bedroom. As we drove, I told him the story of Mr. Tree and told him to look in the back, at the corner of the house and he would see the mighty tree Mr. Tree had grown to become since I saved him that fateful day way back when. As I drove, Supe said he did not see a tree in the back of the house. I didnít believe him. You know how some men areÖyou have to point out something thatís usually right in front of their faces. This usually only applies to shoes, underwear, and things in the fridge. So, I stopped the car and sure enough, Mr. Tree was GONE! When we got back to my parentsí house, I asked them about Mr. Tree and mom said the new owners of that house had done some new landscaping and part of it was removing Mr. Tree! Oh the agony! I saved a lone, spindly seedling only to lose him again to a landscaperís trowel and backhoe. Iím sorry Mr. Tree! You were always very good to me. I hope youíre in a much better place my friend.

12:05 p.m. - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2004


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