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The Weather Outside is Frickin' Cold!

I blew the WW thing yesterday. I started out really well. But at lunch, I went to the store to get something to send to Robyn and Fred because their beloved cat, Tubby died. While I was out, I started to get shaky and lightheaded and instead of having a yummy salad like I had planned, I got a beef and cheddar and motz sticks at Arbyís. And an extra large bag of peanut M&Mís while I was out and about. Then for dinner, I had yummy green beans, but also, my hubby made the most delicious meal of cheese ravioli and while it was yummy and filling, it was also full of points. So, I used all but 5 of my flex points for the week and have to watch it closely now.

The good thing about all of this is the education I am receiving about what goes into my mouth and into my body. I can sit there and deny it until I am blue in the face, but my food choices are unusually poor. I donít get enough veggies and eat WAY too many processed carbs and fat laden things. I made a commitment to log all the points of everything I put in my mouth and it really is eye opening to see how that all adds up. I donít think I was as ready for WW as I was ready to just get the ball rolling towards insurance approval for my surgery. I donít have a date for the surgery yet and wonít get one until I get insurance approval. Maybe once I see how I waste so many points on such empty foods, I will learn to conserve them for when I really want themÖlike for special occasions or just the weekends when my time isnít so structured. I do need to get serious about it though as I still do need to lose 17+ pounds before I have the surgery.

Speaking of the road to surgery, the next stop is with the psychologist on Feb 13th. I meet with her for an hour and take the 400-question personality test. Then, on the 23rd, we meet again for an hour and go over the results. Then she will fax the info to the clinic and they will turn over all the info to the insurance company. Once thatís done, I just wait for approval and a date. I guess they are booked into May already, so I hope to get a surgery date for June, July or August. Actually, June or August would be better. There are many people gone in July and I cannot take off 2 weeks as easily then as I could in June or August. I guess we will see.

Supe was more than Super Husband yesterday. He was Super Stupendous Amazing Husband. He did the laundry, cleaned out the dishwasher, and loaded it back up with the dishes that had been sitting in the sink, went shopping for dinner, made dinner, and cleaned up. He went above and beyond yesterday. It was truly a wondrous thing. I married an amazing and wonderful man.

I sure hope my parents are enjoying their cruise. It is a frickiní iceberg here. Thank God, our heat is included in our rent because we have it jacked up to ďgreen house effectĒ warm. So full of toasty goodness! The temperature outside, right nowÖat 10am? -15. That is the actual air temperature. That does not include the wind-chill factor. With wind chill factored in, the temperature should stay near -30 to -40 much of the day. Maybe I should listen to Supe when he tells me he would like to move to Florida.

We actually had that discussion the other day. Because of his disability, it is harder for him to be in such cold and it is definitely harder for him to navigate on snow and ice, even with a wheelchair. He mentioned wanting to move to Florida. In reality, that is the last state I would want to live in, but for Supe, I would do anything. So, I told him if we did, he would have to kill each and every bug that came into our house. Do you know how big they grow them there??? There is no bitter cold to freeze them, so they just get bigger and bigger until they take over your kitchen. In addition, we would have to contend with hurricanes and horrendous heat and humidity in the summer. I would rather move to TexasÖor even Louisiana or Arkansas than Florida. Donít worry though, this is just discussion. We have not made any plans. After all, Supe is still going to school here, I have my job, and I like it a lot. There would have to be some kind of huge event happening to get us to move any time soon.

Tonight is the work recognition thing. I donít know who would be crazy enough to play outside tonight, but there are people signed up to ski and sled and ice skate. Crazy buggers, all! I am claiming a spot by the fire and not moving until itís time to go. It should be very interesting.

Last night was a good one for my TV watching compulsion. American Idol brought out some new talent. No one stands out in my mind right nowÖexcept when they went back and showed the horrible singers. Scat girl had to have been on something. Is it my imagination or are they dragging the audition shows out far longer than they have in the past? I canít wait until they get these kids to Hollywood and start the real auditions. Thatís when the fur begins to fly! Whoot!

Also on last night, The Bachelorette. I like Meredith, but when she presents the roses, she always smiles and asks them if they will accept the rose in this simpering little girl voice. It drives me up the wall.

That Ryan M. needs to lay off the caffeine or take some Ritalin. He is MUCH too hyper. Take a breath!

The guy that pouted at the end made WAY too big a deal out of not being picked. He only spent 45 minutes with herÖhow could he have not known she wasnít picking him? Also, I was surprised she didnít keep the brew pub owner and kick off Ryan M. Especially after their date at the zoo where Ryan bad mouthed Rick. I wasnít surprised she cut Rick lose though. He was behaving (at least in so far as they edited it to show us) kind of smarmily.

Finally, the editing in the commercial previews made it seem like Meredith stopped things in the middle of the rose ceremony because she couldnít decide. When actually, she took Chris aside the minute he walked in and told him she wasnít ready. It wasnít as dramatic as they made it seem in the previews. Still, she got to have her 7th rose, so thatís pretty interesting. I think she will end up with Ian or Matt.

I had a very interesting dream this morning. Something about Gandalf from LoTR and also about a house Supe and I were living in that had a hidden part of it that was bigger and better than the part we were living in. I donít remember all of the details, but I remember liking the hidden part of the house better. The Gandalf stuff was just OUT THERE and no explaining would make it readable or understandable.

HeyÖhave a great day and try to stay warm.


A Year Ago Today: January 29, 2003 January and the week is too long

Is January the longest month of the year or what? It does not help that here in MN Itís dismal and dark many of the days. I am being treated for clinical depression and have to deal with the affective light disorder thing. It is somewhat sad that my office is enclosed with no window to the outside...just those annoyingly loud overhead lighting that is in every office in America. In addition, our apartment faces north so we do not get a lot of natural light there either.

I dream of someday owning a house with large windows, a southern exposure, and a huge front porch. It all has to be on one level though due to SBís physical handicap. I used to dream of a large farmhouse-type home with two or three stories and dormers...but SB cannot handle the stairs. Therefore, it will have to be a sprawling rambler-type home with a porch, and a sunroom. :)

Oh I am so in need of a change of scenery or vocation or life. I am just blah. It is not just me though. The blahs seem to be making their rounds through the diaries I read, as well as my friendís lives too. My parents are now in sunny Mexico and what I would not give to be there too. Although, I would not want to be there with them. My dad is the sales manager for a local seed sales operation. Every year he plans and heads up a trip somewhere "exotic" and warm for all of his farmers/sales people. You should see the photos they bring back. Many large men with farmer tans and seed caps hanging out on the beaches of Mexico, Jamaica, Bermuda...etc. And Mom said they often complain about the food, the weather, the stuff to do, etc. No, I would rather go with my husband and be housed in a cabana on the beach away from the Midwest farmers tour. Oh, if only Calgon could take me that far away.

OK...Here is another SM story. For those of you not in the know, SM is my bossís wife. She also works here and is kind of the assistant manager, so to speak. But where Iím concerned, I guess she is my boss too. But she is not very knowing in the ways of the business, in what I do, or in technology so it makes for several humorous stories each week. Hereís the latest:

I was at lunch on Monday. I eat lunch in my office with the door closed, but I have a big sliding window that used to be used for transactions of some type. It looks like the kind of window they use to display trophies behind...but there arenít any shelves, just my office. Anyway, I keep the window shut but people like to talk to me through it anyway...especially when my door is shut.

As I sit munching on my sandwich, SM comes barreling through our main office door and runs up to my window screaming, "Oh my GOD! What is wrong with the fax machine?" I told her I did not know as Iíd been at lunch for the past half hour and had a half hour to go. She keeps asking, "Whatís wrong with the fax machine? Why isnít it working?" I told her I did not know, but she should go look at it to see if it is plugged in and turned on. Then she says, "Someone just called and said they are trying to fax something, but they keep getting a busy signal! Does that happen a lot?" I told her it does if the machine is in use, yes! So she goes to look at it and someone in our office is indeed faxing documents. Duh! How can this woman even be in the position she is in? Actually, do not answer that. I know she is in the position she is in now because of a position she was in before...underneath the boss, who is now her husband. But Yikes people! What is wrong with the fax machine indeed.

So, apart from that little story, not much else is going on here. Our weather is more normal for us this time of year. The weather people are warning us of an upcoming storm of Biblical proportions. Itís Wednesday and the storm is not supposed to be here until Sunday night. By then we will be lucky to get drizzle and cloud or two. But the way Itís being reported, youíd think we needed to board up the windows and store up provisions. For Heavenís sake people...we live in Minnesota, not Florida. It is just snow. I guess since we havenít had any for the past 2 years, everyoneís forgotten how to live with the stuff. The snow-lovers hate it. Skiers, snowmobilers, etc arenít getting out too much this winter. The St. Paul winter carnival is not going gangbusters either.

The weirdest thing that has been happening is that TONS of people are falling through the ice this year. We havenít had our normal lows and the lakes arenít freezing as thick as they have in the past. Every weekend there is a story about someone who lost their snowmobile, their car, their icehouse, or their lives because the ventured out onto thin ice. It is sad...but HELLO! The DNR has signs all over saying the ice is unsafe and some of these smarties move the signs and venture out anyway because they think they know their lake better than the DNR. We just lost two high school juniors who drove out onto a local lake and crashed through the ice. The girl would have lived if it hadnít been so dang cold that day. She made it out of the car, out of the water and onto the ice, only to die 100 yards from shore due to hypothermia. Her boyfriend died in the car. It is too sad. The lesson? DO NOT GO ON THE ICE! Or in the very least, donít drive on the ice.

Tomorrow is eye doctor day. Woo hoo! New glasses! But I HATE the glaucoma test. As Iíve stated before, eye things gross me out.

And today is hump day...Itís all downhill from here. Thank God! Why canít everyday be Friday night?

10:20 a.m. - Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004


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