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Photos of What Cold Looks Like

It is cold here? How cold is it? Well, this morning the actual air temp was -25! Maisey had a good time liking the ice off like a popcycle. I was afraid her tongue would get stuck and I would have to heat up some water to get it off. (Just like that jeep comercial where the guy heats the snow on his heated leather seats to get the polar bear's tongue off of his car.) But it didn't get stuck so all is well.


A Year Ago Today: January 31, Last Day of the Month and Nothing is New

Woke up this morning to more snow. Not so much fun to drive in, but beautiful to look at.

Well, I got my new glasses! Actually, I ordered my new glasses. They are CUTE! I should have the new specs in about a week.

The appointment was great. This was a new Doctor for me and he is young and cute, with beautiful eyes. He ran the gamut of tests and it turns out that my eyesight has actually improved. So instead of getting more coke-bottley, my lenses are actually getting thinner! Yay!

I ordered a cute pair of gold frames with clip on sunglasses. I happen to have FABULOUS vision insurance so I got the office visit and new glasses with hi-tech, state of the art lenses for only $90!!! They showed me a comparison of what it would have cost without insurance and it blew my mind! Without insurance, I would have had to shell out $450 buckaroos. Vision Insurance is the cousin for me! (tm Hashai.)

So, That is the big news today. We got snow, new glasses are coming and vision insurance is a good thing.

Itís the last day of the month, so what can I tell you that will fascinate you and keep you coming back for more? is a story from my days as a nanny: (I was a nanny for several years working for families in New Jersey, Maryland, and Minnesota.)

I was working for a family here in Minnesota. They had 1 boy, Andrew (6), an adopted daughter, Charrise (2), another adopted daughter, Whitney (new born), and were pregnant with a 3rd daughter. The kids were great, if somewhat crazy. The parents were rarely home, and the kids really missed them when they were not around. Andrew, especially got kind of wild if he didnít have mom and dad time for a while.

I lived with this family and in the beginning, I used to hang around the family a lot when I wasnít actually working. But it just got to be too much. The kids would just wig out and do things in front of their parents that I would normally discipline them for, or at least re-direct them. But their folks would just ignore their naughty behavior or laugh or whatever.

One day I noticed that Andrew was not whining for me whenever he wanted or needed something. I sat down with him and asked him directly, "Andrew, I have noticed that you donít whine for me anymore, but that when mom and dad are home, you whine at them all the time. Whatís up with that?" He looked innocently at me and said, "I donít get what I want when I whine for you, but I do with Mom and Dad."

Out of the mouths of babes.

5:52 p.m. - Friday, Jan. 30, 2004


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